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Design for innovative value towards a sustainable society : proceedings of EcoDesign 2011: 7th International Symposium on Environmentally Conscious Design and Inverse Manufacturing /

Yasushi Umeda, editor.

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Names: Umeda, Yasushi.
Published: Dordrecht ; Springer, ©2012.
Series: Progress in biological control.
Topics: Sustainable design - Congresses. | Sustainable development - Congresses. | TECHNOLOGY & ENGINEERING - Industrial Engineering. | TECHNOLOGY & ENGINEERING - Industrial Technology. | TECHNOLOGY & ENGINEERING - Manufacturing. | TECHNOLOGY & ENGINEERING - Technical & Manufacturing Industries & Trades.
Genres: Electronic books. | Conference papers and proceedings.
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Panasonic's Environmental Vision and its Practices / Machiko Miyai -- KONE's Corporate Environmental Activities and Solutions that Contribute to Creating a Positive Impact on the Environment / Hanna Uusitalo -- New Trends in Ecodesign / Wolfgang Bloch and Ferdinand Quella -- Designing Supply-Demand Relationships of Food and Renewable Energy towards Ensuring Regional Sustainability: Case Study of Shinjo Village, Okayama, Japan / Kazutoshi Tsuda, Keishiro Hara and Michinori Uwasu -- Introduction of Clean Energy System into Shopping Mall Business-In Bandung Eco-town, Indonesia- / Yoichiro Takada, Kiyoshi Dowaki and Gatot Yudoko -- Eco-Friendly Interface Metropolitan Campus Ecology Interface Design / Jen-Hui Tsai, Ying-Wen Lu and Jun-Ji Haung -- Sustainable Consumption of Water by NEGA-Resources Approach / Jialiang Hu, Chenqing Wang and Gu¨nther Seliger -- Use of Natural Purification of Water Cycle and Water Management as a solution towards Ecodesign / Fatemeh Morteza, Mohammad Reza Masnavi and Niloofar Khalighi -- Performance Evaluation of Electric Vehicle and Fuel Cell Vehicle Using the Biomass Gasification System Considering the Change of the Traffic Flow / Aya Ishigaki, Shota Suda, Syunsuke Kakumoto, Motoko Yamanari and Kiyoshi Dowaki -- Designing the renewable energy parks in order to reduce the environmental crisis in the framework of ecological design, case of renewable energy park of Manjil -- Iran / Payam Pourang, Mohammadreza Masnavi, Mahsa Bavili, Armaghan khosravi Damanei and Milad Golmohammadi -- A Methodology for Designing Future Zero-Carbon Electricity Systems with Smart Grid and Its Application to Kansai Area, Japan / Qi Zhang, Benjamin C. Mclellan, Nuki A. Utama, Tetsuo Tezuka and Keiichi Ishihara -- Future Power of Plastic Solar Cells for Zero-CO2 Emission Society / Takashi Sagawa -- Solar induced ventilation for hot and humid regime; efficiency measure case for Tokyo and Jakarta / N. Agya Utama, Ben C. Mclellan, Keichii N Ishihara and Qi Zhang -- Sustainable Manufacturing: Evolution and Future / Fumihiko Kimura -- Roadmapping of Sustainable Manufacturing Technologies in Japan / Nozomu Mishima and Yasushi Umeda.
Corporate Environmental Targets Analysis: Case Study from Japanese Manufacturing Industry / Jan Dusek and Yoshiro Fukuda -- A Methodology for Designing Sustainable Manufacturing Scenarios / Yasushi Umeda -- Sustainable Car Society Scenarios: A "Game-changing" Approach / Jun Fujimoto and Dean Poland -- Designing sustainable manufacturing scenarios using 3S Simulator / Yuji Mizuno, Yusuke Kishita, Haruna Wada, Kasuhiro Kobayashi and Shinichi Fukushige, et al. -- Dynamic Simulation of Renewable Electricity Supply in Japan / Haruki Tsuchiya -- Resource Risks of Copper in Sustainability Scenario / Yuta Inoue, Yusuke Kishita, Shinichi Fukushige, Hideki Kobayashi and Yasushi Umeda -- Design for Resource Efficiency / Matthias Finkbeiner, Laura Schneider and Markus Berger -- Open Manufacturing for Value Creation Cycles / Steffen Heyer and Guenther Seliger -- Electromagnetic Field Analysis on the Behavior of Selective Breakage at Phase Boundary in Electrical Disintegration / Rintaro Hayashi, Takehiro Urabe and Shuji Owada -- Exergy Analysis of CO2 Heat Pump Water Heating Systems / Ryohei Yokoyama -- R & D of the Gas Engine Heat Pump Water Heater And Exergy Evaluation of the System / Naoto Imada, Kunio Kitano and Kouji Tanaka -- Energy Saving Effect of Novel Desiccant Air Conditioner for Zero Emission House / Shun Hirano, Chanyong Park, Tsukasa Hori, Yoshinori Hisazumi and Tsutomu Wakabayashi, et al. -- Describing Scenarios of Introducing Highly-efficient Gas Cogeneration Systems to Next-generation Apartment Buildings / Yusuke Kishita, Yoshinori Hisazumi, Gustavo Bezerra, Tsukasa Hori and Shinichi Fukushige, et al. -- Exergy Design of Energy Conversion System Using Internet Technology / Tsukasa Hori, Yoshinori Hisazumi and Tsutomu Wakabayashi -- Challenges of Advanced Utilization of LNG Cold in Osaka Gas Senboku LNG Terminals / Takayuki Yamamoto, Yukio Fujiwara and Suguru Kitagaki -- Parameters with Eco-performance of Solar Powered Wireless Sensor Network / Hung-Chi Chu, Fang-Lin Chao and Wei-Tsung Siao -- An Empirical Inquiry on the Effect of Cleaner Local Energy Production on Consumer Carbon Footprint / Jukka Heinonen, Riikka Kyro and Seppo Junnila.
Domestication of small-scale renewable energy systems -- A case study of air heat pumps, residential micro wind stations and solar thermal collectors in Finland / Jouni K. Juntunen -- Co-creational Environmental Excellence in Socially Exchangeable Modular Energy System and its Leading Design Methodology based on System of Systems Viewpoint / Yutaka Nomaguchi, Yutaka Kuriyama and Kikuo Fujita -- Eco Design and the Optimization of Passive Cooling Ventilation for Energy Saving in the Buildings: A Framework for Prediction of Wind Environment and Natural Ventilation in Different Neighborhood Patterns / Mohammad Reza Masnavi, Hasan-Ali Laghai and Negar Ghobadi -- Energy Harvesting for Distributed Microsystems -- The Link between Environmental Performance and Availability of Power Supply / Benecke S., Rueckschloss J., Middendorf A., Nissen N.F. and Lang K.-D. -- How Policies Stimulate Innovations- Evidence from Dioxin Emissions and Home Appliances Recycling / Helmut Yabar, Michinori Uwasu and Keishiro Hara -- Cluster Analysis of Investment Behavior to Companies' Environmental Activities with Questionnaire / Kaoru Kihara, Nariaki Nishino, Tomonori Honda and Atsushi Inaba -- Innovative Financing Mechanisms for Energy Efficiency Retrofits in Buildings -- A Shift in the Traditional Paradigm / Christopher Charles Seeley -- Successful Eco-Sustainability Toward a Company-related Environmental Labeling / Yoichi Sakuma and Hans-Jochen Lueckefett -- Designing-in Sustainability in Industrial Projects and Processes / Ben C. McLellan and Glen D. Corder -- Industrial design accolades: Do they support socially sustainable product innovation? / Mariano Ramirez -- The Teaching-Research Nexus in the Rise of Sustainability Science: Scope and Approach / Harald E. Otto -- The Teaching-Research Nexus in the Rise of Sustainability Science: Infrastructure and Way of Conduct / Harald E. Otto -- Environmental Policy and Environmental Change in a Three-Sector Growth Model / Zhang Wei-Bin -- The Impact Analysis of Waste Plastic Trade between China and Japan-From Policy View / Xiangfeng MENG and Tokuhisa YOSHIDA.
Comparisons and Analysis on International Resource Recycling: A Case Study of Waste Disposal and Recycling between China and Japan / Xiaolei Zhang, Lin Li, Hao Hu and Yuqin Song -- Post-Modern Engineering Science: Current Trends and Shortcomings of IT use in Knowledge Generation / Harald E. Otto -- Creating Sustainable Emotional Value through Personalized Design / Yu-Shan Tseng and Ming-Chyuan Ho -- A consumption based LCA tool for housing management / Riikka Kyro¨, Jukka Heinonen and Seppo Junnila -- Energy efficiency in logistics -- Potentials and limitations / Doris Gierlinger and Friedrich Starkl -- Ecolabelling and Design for Environment in Building Transportation Systems / Asko Koskima¨ki, Hannele Tonteri, Claudio Donghi and Hanna Uusitalo -- New global warming indicators, CEWN, CETN and s-CETN based on removal rate of GHGs from the atmosphere / Akira Sekiya and Sayuri Okamoto -- New Life Cycle Assessment Process for Strategic Reduction of Environmental Burdens / Shigeki Nitta and Yoshihisa Moriguchi -- Integrated LCA for Printing Service in an emerging country / Hirokazu Shimizu, Katsuya Nagata, Aran Hansuebsai and Pradya Kiengprakong -- Research on Environmental Innovation Strategy that intends High Performance Enterprise in Uncertain Age / Yoshinori Ito and Katsuya Nagata -- Development of provision of environmental information system on the method of E2-PA:Take an automotive recycle-parts as an example / Takafumi Nakajima, Hiroshi Onoda and Katsuya Nagata -- A study on the development of the evaluation method of supplier's contributions to the Green IT / Takafumi Nakajima, Hiroshi Onoda and Katsuya Nagata -- Large scale product carbon footprinting of consumer goods / Saori Smith -- The construction of collaboration platform for carbon footprint calculation / Tsai Chi Kuo, Jia Yi Liu and Ya Wen Chou -- Carbon Footprint Assessment of Water Supply Systems in Taiwan / Allen H. Hu, Li-Hsiang Wang, Ching-Wen Fan, Yu-Zih Lin and Jia-Hung Lin, et al. -- Korea -- Japan International Cooperation on Type I Eco-Labeling -- Analysis of Its Performance & Future Directions -- / Jong heon Park and Ju yeong Kim.
Current status of Japanese pilot project of Carbon Footprint of Products / Ken Yamagishi and Masayuki Kanzaki -- Design for Sustainable Behaviour Research Challenges / Casper Boks -- Case-based Design Aid for Sustainable Behavior and Lifestyle / Li-Hsing Shih and Yi-Hsien Chang -- Packaging: Sustaining cultures and meeting new imperatives / Rudi Meyer -- An easy-to-use methodological proposal for considering ubiquitous controllers in energy use optimization / Els Du Bois and Imre Horvath -- Materials and Design: Investigating the Durability of Cork Products -- a Longitudinal Study with Users / Ana Pereira, Han Brezet, Helena Pereira and Joost Vogtla¨nder -- Product Subjective Sustainability: Analysis of the Japanese Users' Kansei Evolutions over their Short/Long-lived Products' Lifetimes / Seyed Javad Zafarmand, Fumio Terauchi and Hiroyuki Aoki -- Using a guide to select design strategies for behaviour change; Theory vs. Practice / Johannes Zachrisson, Gøril Storrø and Casper Boks -- System Design of Maintenance Service for Distributed Production Facilities / Hitoshi Komoto and Nozomu Mishima -- Ecodesign through Environmental Risk Management: A Focus on Critical Materials / Stafford Lloyd, Jacquetta Lee, Andrew Clifton, Lucia Elghali and Chris France -- Building Sustainable Product Service Systems between SMEs / Ricardo Javier Herna´ndez Pardo and Tracy Bhamra -- Integrated Product Service Engineering -- Factors influencing environmental performance / Sofia Lingega°rd, Tomohiko Sakao and Mattias Lindahl -- Current state of the art on repair, maintenance and serviceability in Swedish automotive industry -- a virtual product realization approach / Andreas Dagman and Rikard So¨derberg -- Supporting Maintenance Services by Utilizing Worker's Behavior Sensing and Visualization Based on Mixed-Reality Technology / Tomoya Ishikawa, Masakatsu Kourogi and Takeshi Kurata.
Battery Life Cycle Management for Automatic Guided Vehicle Systems / Takehito Kawakami and Shozo Takata -- Eco-Reliability -- A Combined Approach to Balance Environment with Reliability / N.F. Nissen, A. Middendorf, O. Wittler and K.-D. Lang -- Sustainable design strategies in practice and their influence on business models / Elli Verhulst and Casper Boks -- Design for Remanufacture: Organisational Factors Influencing Successful Integration into the Design Process / Gillian D Hatcher, Winifred L Ijomah and James FC Windmill -- Ecodesign Maturity Model: the Ecodesign Practices / Daniela C.A Pigosso and Henrique Rozenfeld -- Create Competitiveness In A Sustainable Society -- Use Ecodesign, In Cooperation / Anna Karin Jo¨nbrink, Sandra Roos, Mats Sundgren, Eva Johansson and Birgitha Nystro¨m, et al. -- Critical Analysis of Fair Trade Marketing in Japan / Shinichiro Terasaki and Shin'ya Nagasawa -- A Cause-Related Marketing Strategy with a Character Brand -The Case Study of Projects at Solar Bear Fund, a Japanese Non-Governmental Organization / Yasuyuki Yamagiwa, Yurie Makihara and Megumi Harayama -- Business Strategy Planning Based on Sustainable Society Scenarios / Maki Hirosaki, Yusuke Kishita, Yuji Mizuno, Shinichi Fukushige and Yasushi Umeda -- Proposal of a methodology for supporting generation of new eco-business ideas / Nobuo Nakamura, Kohei Mandai, Shinichi Fukushige and Yasushi Umeda -- Greening the Design Brief / Kristel Dewulf, Renee Wever and Han Brezet -- Creating the New Brand Equity through EcoDesign of Cosmetics / Yumiko Kizu and Shin'ya Nagasawa -- A Culture without Trash: The Strategy of Green Design Development in Museum Exhibitions / Mei-Yun Hsu, Shing-Sheng Guan and Jui-Che Tu -- The Role of Business Sector to Achieve Sustainable Society -The Example of a Restaurant Company- / Yoshinori Hashibe -- Product Standards for Multiple-Function Products in Product Policy / Tomohiro Tasaki, Carl Dalhammar and Naoko Tojo.
Eco-Rating; Communicating Sustainability to ICT Consumers, and Rewarding Supplier Product-Design Leadership / Gareth Rice, James Taplin, Saul Jamieson, Ilka Wei[beta]brod and Helen McKerrow, et al. -- Applying the Theory of Problem-Solving and AHP to Develop Eco-innovative Design / Hsuan-Chu Chen, Jui-che Tu and Shing-Sheng Guan -- Axiomatic Design Approach in the Research of Green Product Design Reviews / Tsai-Feng Kao and Jui-Che Tu -- An Upgrade Design Method for Environmental Issues Based on the Concept of Set-Based Design / Tetsu Murakami, Masato Inoue, Yoon-Eui Nahm and Haruo Ishikawa -- Recycling Valuable Metals via Hydrometallurgical Routes / Mikiya Tanaka, Kazuya Koyama, Hirokazu Narita and Tetsuo Oishi -- Development of Eco-Friendly Thermoelectric Materials as Alternatives to Rare-Metal Alloy / Masashi Mikami and Kimihiro Ozaki -- Material Flow Analysis for Sustainable Resource Management / Masaaki Fuse -- Construction of integrated management system of material and energy using an information technology. -Invitation to the Smart Recycle- / Tohru Kamo -- End-of-Life Strategy -- From Weight to Value / H. To¨rn Maria, E. Laaksonen Johanna and Kaila Juha -- Application of Economical Evaluation Method of Rare Earth Magnets Recycling to Compressors / Tomohiko Akahori and Yuzo Hiroshige -- Identifying the End of Life Decision Making Factors / Kirsty Doyle, W.L. Ijomah and Jiju Antony -- Active Disassembly for the End-of-Life Treatment of Flat Screen Televisions: Challenges and Opportunities / Jef R. Peeters, Paul Vanegas, Wim Dewulf and Joost R. Duflou -- Increasing energy efficiency by remanufacturing and reengineering / Rolf Steinhilper, Stefan Slawik, Felix Pentzlin and Johannes Boehner -- Improving the Efficiency of the Remanufacture of Complex Mechanical Assemblies with Robust Inspection of Core Units / Sara J. Ridley -- In what way is remanufacturing good for the environment? / Erik Sundin and Hui Mien Lee -- Building a holistic understanding of Reverse Logistics for SME Automotive Remanufacturers / David Stewart and Winifred L. Ijomah -- The needs of meso level research for sustainability research and agenda of research and education of CEIDS / Yasushi Umeda.
Sustainability Research: From Science to Engineering / Yuya Kajikawa -- A Framework for Comprehensive Sustainability Research Focusing on the Meso-level / Hideki Kobayashi, Michinori Uwasu, Keishiro Hara and Yasushi Umeda -- Synthesis of Research and Technology Seeds at Osaka University -- a Discussion for Advancing Sustainability Research / Keishiro Hara, Michinori Uwasu, Yoshiyuki Shimoda and Yasushi Umeda -- Integrated Scenario Design for Sustainability Research -- Concept, Framework and Challenges / Yusuke Kishita, Keishiro Hara, Michinori Uwasu and Yasushi Umeda -- Meso-Level Research towards Low Carbon Society / Yoshiyuki Shimoda, Yohei Yamaguchi and Hiromi Habara -- Scenario analysis of cement production in China: the role of policy and technology in the pathway to sustainable society / Michinori Uwasu, Keishiro Hara, Helmut Yabar and Haiyan Zhang -- Scenario Analysis on the Impact of Diffusion of Next Generation Vehicles on Material Consumption and GHG Emissions / Yuta Higuchi, Naoki Wada, Toyohiko Nakakubo and Akihiro Tokai -- Eco-innovation by Cross-Field Green Scenario Value-Adding Program / Jahau Lewis Chen, Rong-Shean Lee, Kuohsiang Chen, Shu-Hui Chen and Lih-Huey Lai -- Integration of detailed/screening LCA software-based tools into design processes / Jose Luis Casamayor and Daizhong Su -- Dynamic environmental assessment: scenarios, foresight and challenges / Bertrand Laratte, Bertrand Guillaume and Babiga Birregah -- Design and Development of Multi-scale Product Design and Lifecycle Simulation System / Kazuhiro Sakita -- SLCA to Support Evaluation of Environmental Conscious Production Process Alternatives: An Industrial Case / M. Mengoni, M. Peruzzini, H.E. Otto and F. Mandorli -- Resource sharing method among multiple production systems to reduce initial investment for inverse manufacturing / Shinsuke Kondoh, Hitoshi Komoto and Timo Salmi -- Digital Eco-Factory as an IT Platform for Green Production / Michiko Matsuda and Fumihiko Kimura -- Cutting Condition Decision Support System Using Data Mining-Application of Life Cycle Assessment on Estimation of Cutting Conditions / Junichi Sakamoto, Toshiki Hirogaki, Eiichi Aoyama, Keiji Ogawa and Hiroyuki Kodama.
Resource efficiency assessment of discrete manufacturing processes: Comparison between energy- and exergy-based metrics / Renaldi, Karel Kellens, Wim Dewulf and Joost R. Duflou -- Reciprocal design of industrial value chain / Masatsugu Kitamura and Hidekata Hayashi -- Building "Genba" Capability and Sustainable Manufacturing : Case of Cooperation Small and Medium Enterprise with Vendor / Katsunori Yokoi, Tetsuo Yoshimoto and Takahiro Fujimoto -- Resource and Cost Oriented Innovation Steering in Sustainable Product Design / Phillip Schrieverhoff, Rune Jørgensen, Michael Kubach, Markus Ko¨glmeier and Udo Lindemann, et al. -- Time has begun that Technology shall take responsible for a lifestyle -- Nature Technology -- / Emile H. Ishida -- Comprehensive Technology Governance in Emerging Bio-Mimetic Technology Field / Masafumi ATA, Mizuki SEKIYA and SoonHwa AN -- Social acceptability of lifestyles and Nature technology / Ryuzo Furukawa and Emile. H. Ishida -- Insect Inventory as a Biomimetic Database / Shu^hei Nomura -- Biomimetics for Plant Protection / Naoki Mori and Takuma Takanashi -- A chemosensillar design discriminating between nestmates and nonnestmates in ant species: Its functional property and influence on their social form / Mamiko Ozaki and Midori Kidokoro-Kobayashi -- A Novel Dry-Preservation Technology Inspired by Desiccation Tolerant Insect, Polypedilum vanderplanki / Takashi Okuda -- Mathematical Physics and the Moth-Eye Structure / Hideo Kubo -- Opal photonic crystals for sensor applications / Hiroshi Fudouzi and Tsutomu Sawada -- Simple Manipulation of Liquid on Tunable Microwrinkles / Takuya Ohzono -- Mechanobio-Materials: Design of Micropatterned Elastic Gels To Control Cell Mechanotaxis and Motility-Related Functions / S. Kidoaki, T. Kawano and H. Sakashita -- Study of Airfoils for the Unique Micro Wind Turbine Blade / Shinohara Shinohara, Akira Obata, Miyuki Seki, KoheiKohei Ichihara and Emile Hideki Ishida.
Sustainable Ecodesign Mapping of End-of-Life Strategies for Improved Products/Processes Management / Arvinder P.S. LOOMBA and Kenichi NAKASHIMA -- A Study of Trend and Characteristic Analyses of Business Activities from the Examination of CSR Reports / Yoshiki NAKAMURA, Naoki TAKABAYASHI, Masaaki OHBA, Hisashi YAMAMOTO and Yukio MARUYAMA -- Balancing Supply and Demand in Reverse Supply Chain: A Case Study in Remanufacturing Company / Anjar Priyono, Umit S. Bititci and Winnifred I. Ijomah -- A Simulated Annealing Algorithm for Balancing a Disassembly Line / Can B. Kalayci, Surendra M. Gupta and Kenichi Nakashima -- A Study of Mist Spraying System by Urban Transportation / Mitsutoshi Kojima and Kenichi Nakashima -- Carbon Sink Evaluation for Biochar Production Process / Kazunari Senoo, Yasunori Kosaki, Makoto Ogawa and Munetaka Ishikawa -- In-use Stock Analysis of Telecom Infrastructure in Japan / Kazue Ichino Takahashi, Jiro Nakamura and Yasunari Matsuno -- Involvement of France Telecom Group for a Sustainable Future / Philippe Tuzzolino, Tomoko Tanaka, Julien Boisseau and Ahmed Zeddam -- A case study analysis of the CO2 emission reduction potentiality of the wireless harness within ICT equipment / Minako Hara, Kazue I. Takahashi, Masayuki Nakamura, Tatsuya Kunioka and Jiro Nakamural, et al. -- Green ICT toward Low Carbon Society / Yasuyuki Sugiyama -- Indium Recovery and Recycling from an LCD Panel / Masato Tsujiguchi -- A Product Attribute to Impact Algorithm to Streamline IT Carbon Footprinting / Elsa Olivetti and Randolph Kirchain -- Simplified Approach for Estimating Life Cycle Eco-Impact for Information and Communications Technology Products / Thomas Okrasinski, John Malian, Jim Arnold, Masahiro Tsuriya and Haley Fu -- Progress and Challenges in EcoDesign of Semiconductor Products / Tim Higgs, Todd Brady and Marissa Yao -- Ecodesign Strategies in Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) of the Electronic Sector: a Brazilian Standpoint / Sabrina R. Sousa, Jose´ A. Oliveira, Jose´ R.A. Silva and Marcos B.C. Pimentel.
A study on a system design approach to promote better circular use of Electrical and Electronic Equipment / Kuniko Mishima, Nozomu Mishima and Masaru Nakano -- The Research on Integrating TPI Database with CAD API Technique for Environmental Design / Hsiang-Tang Chang and Chien-Han Lu -- Eco-innovation by Applying Design-Around concepts on Eco-ARIZ method / Wang-Chih Chen and Jahau Lewis Chen -- A Low Carbon Product Design Method Based on Process-Scenario Design / Yo-Han Choi, Cheul-Kyu Lee and Kun-Mo Lee -- Low-Carbon Product Ecodesign using a TOE Performance Indicator / Lee Cheul-Kyu and Lee Kun-Mo -- Development of Diagram for Estimating Value of Wastes and Waste Heat in Association with Technology / Naoko Mae, Kazuhiro Mae, Taisuke Maki and Takeshi Katsumi -- A New Diagram for Evaluating Relationship between Technological and Environmental Actions / Naoko Mae, Kazuhiro Mae and Takeshi Katsumi -- Incorporating Reuse and Remanufacturing in Product Family Planning / Jing Tao and Suiran Yu -- Simulation model to derive recycling routes of reused desktop PCs / Takeshi Ishida and Hiroki Takahashi -- A New Graph-based Selective Disassembly Sequence Planning for Green Product Design / Shana Smith and Wei-Han Chen -- Exploring the Life Cycle and Attachment Characteristics of Eco-Products / Edilson S. Ueda -- Hazardous Potential Indicator for Material According to Globally Harmonized System / Sheng-Bou Yen and Jahau Lewis Chen -- A Life Cycle Simulation for Part Agents that Proposes a Management of Parts Based on Consumer's Satisfaction / Yusuke Shigeji, Hiroshi Kawaharada and Hiroyuki Hiraoka -- Proposal of Design Environment for Life Cycle Scenario / Yuki Matsuyama, Eisuke Kunii, Kazuhiro Yamamoto, Shinichi Fukushige and Yasushi Umeda -- Computer-aided Design for Product Upgradability under Geometric Constraints / Shinichi Fukushige, Masaki Arino and Yasushi Umeda.
Development of a Consistency Management System between Product and Life Cycle Flow in Life Cycle CAD / Eisuke Kunii, Takeshi Matsuura, Shinichi Fukushige and Yasushi Umeda -- Construction of a Simulation Model for Future Scenario Analysis of Energy Consumption and CO2 Emissions in Japanese Prefectures / Akio Onishi, Keijiro Okuoka, Feng Shi and Masafumi Morisugi -- Reduction Potential for CO2 Emissions by Urban Structure Changes and Introduction of Photovoltaic Power Generation in Buildings and Unused Area in Nagoya City / Akio Onishi, Keijiro Okuoka and Feng Shi -- Development of Land Use Area Intensity Database Using Asia International Input-output Table for Life Cycle Assessment / Ken HORIGUCHI and Norihiro ITSUBO -- Analysis of China's Current Waste Paper Collection Rate / Feng Hua and Tomonari Shinichi -- Development of Low Carbon Districts Simulator / Akira Urano, Ken Syoji, Taiki Sato, Hidemitsu Koyanagi and Masayuki Oguro, et al. -- Development of a Sustainable System Emulator for Sustainable Environment Design / Kazunori Nagasawa, Munehisa Arakawa, Mitsuru Endo and Takao Kakizaki -- Study on the Operation Analysis of a Compound Energy System using Orthogonal Array-GA Hybrid Analyzing Method / Seizi WATANABE and Shin'ya OBARA -- Estimation of Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Micro-fabrication of MEMS Devices / Naoki Tanimura, Tomohiko Sato, Tomohiko Sato, Hitoshi Nitta and Kazuo Asaumi, et al. -- Comparison between Wooden and Conventional Prototyping:An Eco-Manufacturing Perspective / A.M.M. Sharif Ullah, Hiroyuki Hashimoto, Fumiya Hayashi, Ryuta Omori and Yuji Nagara, et al. -- Laminated Plastic Electronics:Energy Saving and Low Stress on Environment / Masatoshi Sakai, Atsuo Inoue, Tatsuyoshi Okamoto, Yuki Joho and Hiroshi Yamauchi, et al. -- Environmental Assessment of the Mobile Phone Considering the Consumption of Rare Metals / Maki Watanabe and Norihiro Itsubo -- Material Flow Analysis and Human Risk Assessment of Mercury / Eunsil Jang, Kyoung-ryun Kim, Kyung-hwan Kim and Tak Hur.
Analysis of China's Forest-Paper Integration Project / Jing LIU, Katsuya Nagata and Hiroshi Onoda -- Effect of Alkali Metal Oxide on Pb Recovery from the Waste CRT Glass by Reduction Melting Method / Hiroyuki INANO -- Tribological Behavior of Polymer Brushes Designed Based on Biomimetic Water Lubrication / Motoyasu KOBAYASHI, Masami Terada and Atsushi Takahara -- Engineering Biomimetics: Integration of Biology and Nanotechnology / Masatsugu Shimomura -- Surface texturing for anti-seizure property by using self-organized porous polymer structures as wet etching masks / Yuji Hirai, Yuta Saito, Hiroshi Yabu, Masataka Kaido and Atsushi Suzuki, et al. -- DNA-Templated Self-Assembly of Conductive Nanowires / Guoqing Wang, Aya Tanaka, Yasutaka Matsuo, Kenichi Niikura and Kuniharu Ijiro -- Continuous Roll Imprinting of Moth Eye Antireflection Surface Using Anodic Porous Alumina / Yoshihiro Uozo -- Sustainability consideration amongst award-winning industrial design graduation projects in Australia / Mariano Ramirez -- Comparison of Corporate Social Responsibility both in China and Japan / Mei Sun, Katsuya Nagata and Hiroshi Onoda -- Comprehensive Evaluation of Optimal Environmental Policies about Nitrogen cycle for Sustainable Development in China: Case Study of SongYuan City / Li'ang AN and Yoshiro HIGANO -- Introducing a new and integral EPR system in China: Case study of e-waste in HangZhou city / Wang QiJun, Yoshiro Higano and Helmut Yabar -- Introducing Socio-Environmental Management Policy Guidelines for the Financing of Electric Power Projects in Bangladesh / Yoshiro Higano, Helmut Yabar and Abu Taher Mohammad Kamrul Kabir Bhuiyan -- National greenhouse gas reduction policy trends from voluntary agreements to negotiated agreements and its implications / SeungWoo Kang, YeouJu Won, JinYong Kim and JaeSu JUNG -- Eco-design promotion in SMEs by material flow analysis of supply chain: case studies and modeling / Yasushi Shiraishi.
Green Design for Green Business / Kim JongMin, Kim SungDuk, Kim JinHo and An HeeKyung -- The Case Study on Carbon Partnerships in Korea / Heekyung An, Sungduk Kim, Jinho Kim and Jongmin Kim -- The Relationship between Tourism Policy and Sustainable Life-style / Chen Hong-Yi and Tu Jui-Che -- An Investigation on the Network Governance of the Yilan Museums Group / Huang I Chieh, Hwang Shyh-Huei, Kao Yi-Fang and Yen Liang-Ching -- The motivation toward the environment-friendly daily life; Case studies in Finland / Shino Koda -- A business feasibility study on a paprika with carbon footprint label / Kazuhiko Fukumoto, Kiyoshi Dowaki and Motoko Yamanari -- Life Cycle Assessment of Dairy Cow in Korea / Yoo-Sung Park, Chun-Youl Baek, Kun-Mo Lee and Kyu-Hyun Park -- Problematic of estimating GHG emissions in Logistics Company / YeoJu WON, SeungWoo Kang, SeongIl Um and HoChul Shin -- The study of a product service system for the leasing of a water filtration device / Sheng-Lung Lin, Po-Hao Juan and Chieh-Yu Chen -- Consideration of Invigorating Potential Consumers of The Personal Computer Rental Business / Yong-Sin Choi, Yoon-Young Chun and Kun-Mo Lee -- Comparison of product carbon footprint between existing and alternative product: A case study of personal computer / Sun-Wook Kim, Ik-Won Choi, Chun-Youl Baek and Kun-Mo Lee -- Application of product function and price based eco-efficiency factors to Washing machine / Jin-Ho Lee, Chun-Youl Baek and Kun-Mo Lee -- Comparison of the eco-efficiency of the rental and sales business types of receipt printer / Sung-Jong Kim, Yoon-Young Chun and Kun-Mo Lee -- Interdisciplinary Communication and Green Design Decisions Making -- Case Study of Smart Cane Design / Fang-Lin Chao and Ja-Der Lin -- Carbon Reduction Assessment of a Product Service System: A Case Study of Washing Machines / Allen H. Hu, Rong-Wei Lin, Ching-Yao Huang and Chin-Lueng Wu.
Innovative Power Generation System for Harvesting Wave Energy / Seiki Chiba, Mikio Waki, Koichi Masuda, Tomoki Ikoma and H. Osawa, et al. -- Study on a Power Generation System as Distributed Power Supplies in Consideration of the High-Pressure Dissociation Characteristics in the Small Difference in Temperature of CO2 Hydrate / Masahito Kawai and Shinya Obara -- Combustion Characteristics of Bio-Mass Gas as Utilizable Energy / Tatsuro Ashida, Takamitsu Yoshimoto and Yuki Hara -- Life Cycle Assessment of CdTe Photovoltaic System / Hyoungseok Kim, Kyounghoon Cha, Byoungju Kim, Vasilis M. Fthenakis and Tak Hur -- Service System Design and Evaluation for Battery of Electric Vehicles / Li-Hsing Shih -- A Design system for layout of Charging infrastructure for Electric Vechicle / R. Hiwatari, T. Ikeya and K. Okano -- A Study of a Realistic Dissemination Policy on the Electric Full-Flat Buses in Japan / Toshiki Nishiyama, Seijiro Noda and Manabu Ishikawa -- Eco-Design: Development of Metabolic System / ALI VAKILI-ARDEBILI -- Long Life and Low Consumption System for Sustainable Development / Hidetaka Hayashi, Masatsugu Kitamura and Tadatomo Suga -- Planning Sustainable Social Infrastructure in the Green New Cities of Azerbaijan / Huseynov Emir Fikret, Ahbarov Sadraddin Huseyn and Aliyev Samir Mammad -- National Taipei University of Technology Development of Ecological Campus / Jen-Hui Tsai and Yu-Ting Tang -- Design of Green Wall System of Western Fac¸ade at College of Design in National Taipei University of Technology / Jen-Hui Tsai, Chi-Shih Lee and Yin Tao-Chiang -- Participatory Design Application in Green Campus Interface -- Taipei Elementary School Case Study / Tsai Shu-Ying -- Taiwan's Green Design Aspects: Case Studies on Phenomenographic Research / Chia-Hsin Hsueh and Li-Hsun Peng -- Case Studies of Energy Saving and Smart Management for the Small and Mid-size Offices / Ryuji Saito, Yutaka Inoue, Kosuke Ito and Tsukasa Ogino.
Organic Herbal Farming and its relation with the Environment / Bikash Subedi -- Practical Engineering Education Toward a Sustainable Society: Design and Manufacture of the Taketombo Flying Toy / Keiichiro Takato and Susumu Shirayama -- Evaluation of learning environment for ESD (Education for Sustainable Development) using activity index of salivary amylase / Yuka Kashiwaba, Kimiko Kozawa and Haru-Hisa Uchida -- Municipal Solid Waste Management System----- A case study in ShangHai / Lu Keyu -- A New approach for municipal solid waste governance aiming to become green city bases on a sound material -- cycle society initiative in Hanoi, Vietnam / Ngo Thi Lan Phuong, Yoshiro Higano and Helmut Yabar -- Integrated LCA for Municipal Solid Waste Management in Developing Country / Pandyaswargo Andante Hadi, Hiroshi Onoda and Katsuya Nagata -- Guidelines for Siting Community-based Solid Waste Facilities in Beijing, China / Aijun ZHU, Helmut YABAR and Yoshiro HIGANO -- The contribution of Eco design approach on the urban environmental sustainability: Management of Mixed Solid Waste and Leachate contaminations, the case of Kahrizak leachate treatment Plant in Tehran / G.R. Nabi Bidhendi, M.R. Masnavi, N. Ghodrati Toostani and T. Nasrabadi -- Energy Consuming Comparison of Wastewater Treatment Technologies through Life Cycle Assessment A Case Study of Intelligent Controlled Sequencing Batch Biofilm / Shuang Sun, Yoshiro Higano and Helmut Yabar -- A Study on the Pollution Control Policy for Industrial Waste Water in Hanoi City, Vietnam / Nguyen Trung Thuan and Yoshiro Higano -- The Effect of water rights reallocation system of Yellow River Basin on water productivity, Regional Development and CO2 emission: a case study of Inner Mongolia, China / Feng Shi, Akio Onishi, Masafumi Morisugi and Kokyo Oh -- Concept of Optimal Replacement System for Urban Infrastructures Considering Breakage Risk and Social Cost: a Case Study of Sewer Pipes / Tatsuya Iwashita, Yasuhiro Sewaki and Toru Matsumoto.

Table of Contents for: Design for innovative value towards a su