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Utility corporations. Letter from the Acting Chairman of the Federal Trade Commission transmitting in response to Senate Resolution No. 83 Seventieth Congress, a monthly report on the electric power and gas utilities inquiry. Associated Gas and Electric Co. Utah Power and Light Co. Western Colorado Power Co. [Monthly Report on the Electric Power and Gas Utilities Inquiry No. 2. Filed with the Secretary of the Senate July 15, 1932.]. [electronic resource]

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Published: Washington, DC, 1928
Series: United States congressional serial set ; serial set no. 8858-28
Senate document (United States. Congress. Senate) ; 70th Congress, no. 92, pt. 45
Topics: Consolidation and merger of corporations. | Contracts. | Corporate corruption. | Electric lines. | Electric power. | Electric utilities. | Energy prices. | Gas companies. | Government investigations. | Holding companies. | Industrial trusts and antitrust law. | Interstate commerce. | Railroads. | Stocks. | Witnesses and testimony. | Financial statements. | American Gas Association. | American Utilities Company. | Annapolis Valley Electric Company, Limited. | Arizona General Utilities Company. | Arkansas General Utilities Company. | Associated Electric Company. | Associated Gas and Electric Company. | Associated General Electric Corporation. | Associated Properties, Incorporated. | Associated Securities Corporation. | Associated Utilities Investing Corporation. | Baltimore Water and Electric Company. | Barstow Securities Corporation. | Bear Lake Light and Power Company. | Berholm Power Company. | Biquet Electric Power Company. | Boston Electric Associates. | Broad River Power Company. | Brockport Gas Company. | Caledonia Natural Gas Company. | Cambridge Gas Light Company. | Cape and Vineyard Electric Company. | Carmel Light and Power Company. | Central Development Company. | Champlain Electric Company. | Chasm Power Company. | Chatham Electric Light, Heat, and Power Company. | Clarion River Power Company. | Coalport Light, Heat, and Power Company. | Cold Spring Light, Heat, and Power Company. | Consumers Electric Service Corporation. | Crystal City Gas Company. | Davis County Light and Power Company. | Dedham and Hyde Park Gas and Electric Light Company. | Delaware and Otsego Light and Power Company. | Depew and Lancaster Light, Power, and Conduit Company. | Derry Electric Company. | Dundee Light and Power Company. | Durango Gas and Electric Company. | Eagles Mere Light Company. | Earlville Electric Light Company. | Eastern Utilities Investing Corporation. | Edison Electric Institute. | Electric Bond and Share Company. | Electric Power and Light Corporation. | Empire Power Corporation. | Erie Lighting Company. | Florida Public Service Company. | Gas Securities Corporation. | Gas Utilities, Incorporated. | Gem State Light and Power Company, Limited. | General Gas and Electric Company. | General Gas and Electric Corporation. | Half Moon Light, Heat, and Power Company. | Harris, Forbes and Company. | High Creek Light and Power Company. | Huntington Light, Power, and Telephone Company. | Idaho Power and Transportation Company. | J.G. White Management Corporation. | Katonah Lighting Company. | Kentucky Public Service Company. | Lamoka Power Corporation. | Lockport Light, Heat, and Power Company. | Long Island Water Corporation. | Loogootee Water Company. | Louisiana Public Utilities Company, Incorporated. | M.B. Light and Power Company, Incorporated. | Madison Power Company. | Manila Electric Company. | Massachusetts Electric Investment Association. | Merchants Light and Power Company. | Metropolitan Edison Company. | Middlesex County Electric Company. | Missouri General Utilities Company. | Missouri Southern Public Service Company. | Moores Light and Power Corporation. | Morris Light and Power Corporation. | New Bedford Gas and Edison Light Company. | New Bedford Gas and Electric Company. | New England Electric Securities Company. | New England Gas and Electric Association. | New England Securities Company. | New Hampshire Electric Railways. | New Hampshire Gas and Electric Company. | New Washington Electric Company. | New York Electric Company. | New York State Electric and Gas Corporation. | Northern Adirondack Power Company. | Owego Gas Company. | Paint Township Light and Power Company. | Panhandle Public Service Company. | Park City Light, Heat, and Power Company. | Patchague Electric Light Company. | Paul Smith's Electric Light and Power and Railroad Company. | Pennsylvania Electric Company. | Pennsylvania Hydro-Electric Corporation. | Phoenix Utility Company. | Plattsburg Gas and Electric Company. | Rising Sun Water and Light Company. | Rochester Central Power Corporation. | Roxbury Light and Power Company. | Salem Electric Light Company. | San Juan Water and Power Company. | Schenectady Railway Company. | Schenectady Rapid Transit Company. | Seely Electric Company. | Silver Creek Electric Company. | Southern Cities Utilities Company. | Staten Island Edison Corporation. | Sullivan County Electric Company. | Swan Creek Electric Company. | Telluride Electric Light Company. | Telluride Power Company. | Tennessee General Utilities Company. | Tri-County Light and Power Company. | Tri-County Natural Gas Company. | Tucumcari Light and Power Company. | Tusten Light and Power Company. | United Gas and Electric Corporation. | United Traction Company. | Utah Light and Traction Company. | Utah Power and Light Company. | Utah Power Company. | Utah Securities Corporation. | Utilities Management Corporation. | Utilities Power and Light Corporation. | Utilities Purchasing and Supply Corporation. | W.S. Barstow and Company. | Waterville Gas and Electric Company. | Wayland Light and Power Company. | West Boston Gas Company. | West Virginia Light, Heat, and Power Company. | Western Colorado Power Company. | Worcester Gas Light Company. | Wynantskill Hydro-Electric Company.
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Location & Availability for: Utility corporations. Letter from the Ac