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APA Citation

Inglis, Charles. () A memorial concerning the Iroquois or Five confederate nations of Indians in the province of New-York:in which their present state, numbers and situation are set forth; arguments why government should interpose for their conversion to Christianity and reduction to a civilised state are adduced; a plan for their conversion is laid down; circumstances which promise success to such an attempt at this time are pointed out, and some objections to the design are obviated. Humbly addressed to the Right Honorable the Earl of Hillsborough

MLA Citation

Inglis, Charles. A Memorial Concerning The Iroquois Or Five Confederate Nations Of Indians In The Province Of New-York: In Which Their Present State, Numbers And Situation Are Set Forth; Arguments Why Government Should Interpose For Their Conversion To Christianity And Reduction To A Civilised State Are Adduced; A Plan For Their Conversion Is Laid Down; Circumstances Which Promise Success To Such An Attempt At This Time Are Pointed Out, And Some Objections To The Design Are Obviated. Humbly Addressed To The Right Honorable The Earl Of Hillsborough. : . Print.