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Sociology of sport /

edited by Richard Giulianotti.

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Names: Giulianotti, Richard,
Published: Los Angeles, Calif. : Sage Publications Ltd, 2011.
Series: Sage library of tourism, hospitality and leisure.
Topics: Sports - Sociological aspects. | Sportsoziologie. | Idrottssociologi.
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V.1: Core theories and perspectives -- V.2: Social divisions and conflicts in sport -- V.3: Social identities and sites of sport -- V. 4: Sport and globalization.
V.1: Core theories and perspectives. Structure and classification of games / Roger Caillois ( translated by Elaine P. Halperin) -- Independence of sports and culture / Günther Lüschen -- Autonomy of modern sport : dangerous and endangered / Uwe Schimank -- Sport as ritual : interpretations from Durkheim to Goffman / Susan Birrell -- Deep play : notes on the Balinese cockfight / Clifford Geertz -- Identity reinforcement in sport : revisiting the symbolic interactionist legacy / Otmar Weiss -- From ritual to record / Allen Guttmann -- Twenty theses on sport / Jean-Marie Brohm -- Sport and cultural reification : from ritual to mass consumption / John Alt -- Sport without guarantees : toward a cultural studies that matters / David L. Andrews, Michael D. Giardina -- Social criticism as moral criticism : a Habermasian take on sports / William J. Morgan -- Sport and social class / Pierre Bourdieu ( translated by Richard Nice) -- Essay on sport and violence / Norbert Elias -- Gender on the sports agenda / Jennifer A. Hargreaves -- Myth of Black sports supremacy / Gary A. Sailes -- Postmodern ballpark as a leisure setting : enchantment and simulated de McDonaldization / George Ritzer, Todd Stillman -- Technologies of the self : sport, feminism, and Foucault / Pirkko Markula -- Mirror of terrorism / Jean Baudrillard.
V.2: Social divisions and conflicts in sport. Social class, young people, sport and physical education / Ken Green, Andy Smith, Ken Roberts -- Paradox of social class and sports involvement : the roles of cultural and economic capital / Thomas C. Wilson -- 'New' corporate habitus in adventure racing / Joanne Kay, Suzanne Laberge -- Women in sport : gender relations and future perspectives / Gertrud Pfister -- Multiple bodies : sportswomen, soccer and sexuality / Barbara Cox, Shona Thompson -- Culture, gender roles, and sport : the case of Korean players on the LPGA tour / Eui Hang Shin, Edward Adam Nam -- Iron man : the body and some contradictions of hegemonic masculinity / Raewyn Connell -- Social justice and men's interests : the case of Title IX / Michael A. Messner, Nancy M. Solomon -- Openly gay athletes : contesting hegemonic masculinity in a homophobic environment / Eric Anderson -- From straight to Gaie? Quebec sports women's discursive constructions of sexuality and destabilization of the linear coming out of process / Barbara Ravel, Genevièe Rail -- On the moral economy of racism and racist rationalizations in sport / Jonathan A. Long, Mike J. McNamee -- Theory of the preferred workers : a structural explanation for Black male dominance in basketball / Scott N. Brooks, Michale A. McKail -- Islam's view on physical activity and sport : Egyptian women interpreting Islam / Kristin Walseth, Kari Fasting -- Nonsense of native American sports imagery : reclaiming a past that never was / Michael A. Robidoux -- Whores, slaves and stallions : languages of exploitation and accommodation among boxers / Loïc Wacquant -- Men, spinal cord injury, memories and the narrative performance of pain / Andrew C. Sparkes, Brett Smith -- Adding insult to injury : workplace injury in English professional football / Martin Roderick -- Coaches, sexual harassment and education / Kari Fasting, Celia Brackenridge -- Reservoir dogs : greyhound racing, mimesis and sports related violence / Michael Atkinson, Kevin Young.
V.3: Social identities and sites of sport. In the gym : motives, meaning and moral careers / Nick Crossley -- Situated learning in an Australian surf club / Richard Light -- Sport and social capital / Ørnulf Seippel -- Sense and sensibility at the ballpark : what fans makes of professional baseball in modern Japan / William W. Kelly -- False leads : the construction of hooligan confrontations / gary Armstrong -- Supporters, followers, fans, and Flaneurs : a taxonomy of spectator identities in football / Richard Giulianotti -- Body as culture : the came of Sumo wrestler / Soon Hee Whang -- Playing football and dancing tango : embodying Argentina in movement, style and identity / Eduardo P. Archetti -- Traversing the matrix : cyborg athletes, technology, and the environment / Ted M. Butryn, Matthew A. Masucci -- Civil rights, doping control and the world anti doping code / Barrie Houlihan -- Negotiating identities through disability sport / Chin-Ju Huang, Ian Brittain -- Edgework : a social psychological analysis of voluntary risk taking / Stepehn Lyng -- Living on the edge : the appeal of risk sports for the professional middle class / Robert Fletcher -- Sensing the stadium / Chris Gaffney, John Bale -- On the waterfront : retrospectives on the relationship between sport and communities / Jason M. Smith, Alan G. Ingham -- Sport and economic regeneration in cities / Chris Gratton, Simon Shibli, Richard Coleman -- Culture, sport and the night time economy / David Rowe -- David Beckham and the changing (re) presentations of English identity / John Harris, Ben Clayton -- Cathy Freeman : the quest for Australian identity / Toni Bruce, Christopher Hallinan -- Mapping the mythical : a geopolitics of national sporting stereotypes / Hugh O'Donnell -- 'Fantasy football hooliganism' in popular media / Emma Poulton.
V.4: Sport and globalization. Cross national cultural diffusion : the global spread of cricket / Jason Kaufman, Orlando Patterson -- Playing with modernity : the decolonization of Indian cricket / Arjun Appadurai -- Transformations in national identity through football in Brazil : lessons from two historical defeats / Jose Sergio Leite Lopes -- How to influence national pride? The Olympic medal index as a unifying narrative / Ivo van Hilvoorde, Agnes Elling, Ruud Stokvis -- Sport, tribes, and technology : the New Zealand all Blacks Haka and the politics of identity / Steven J. Jackson, Brebdan Hokowhitu -- Whole world isn't watching (but we thought they were) : the Super Bowl and the U.S. solipsism / Christopher R. Martin, Jimmie L. Reeves -- Brief overview of the Olympic system / Jean-Loup Chappelet, Brenda Kübler-Mabbott -- Power and resistance in the governance of world football : theorizing FIFA's transnational impact / John Sugden, Alan Tomlinson -- Globetrotters and local heroes? Labor Migration, basketball, and local identities / Mark Falcous, Joseph Maguire -- Have skates, will travel : Canada, international hockey, and the changing hockey labour market / Hart Cantelon -- Globalization, naturalization and identity : the case of borderless elite athletes in Japan / Naoki Chiba, Osamu Ebihara, Shinji Morino -- Glocalization of U.S. sports in South Korea / Younghan Cho -- Globalization of football : a study in the glocalization of the 'serious life' / Richard Giulianotti, Roland Robertson -- Policy transfer and learning from the west : elite basketball development in the People's Republic of China / Barrie Houlihan, Tien-Chin Tan, Mick Green -- Human rights in sports / Bruce Kidd, Peter Donnelly -- Power, politics and "sport for development and peace" : investigating the utility of sport for international development / Simon C. Darnell -- Alterglobalization, global social movements, and the possibility of political transformation through sport / Jean Harvey, John Horne, Parissa Safai -- Mega events and modernity revisited : globalization and the case of Olympics / Maurice Roche -- Scripting the nation : sport, mega events, foreign policy and state building in post apartheid South Africa / Scarlett Cornelissen -- Making the world safe for global capital : the Sydney 2000 Olympics and beyond / Helen Jefferson Lenskyj.
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Table of Contents for: Sociology of sport