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Abandon automobile : Detroit city poetry 2001 /

edited by Melba Joyce Boyd and M.L. Liebler.

Book Cover
Names: Boyd, Melba Joyce, | Liebler, M. L.,
Published: Detroit : Wayne State University Press, [2001]
Topics: American poetry - Michigan - Detroit.
Regions: Detroit (Mich.) - Poetry. | Michigan - Detroit. | Detroit (Mich.) - Poetry.
Genres: Poetry. | Poetry.
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245 00|aAbandon automobile :|bDetroit city poetry 2001 /|cedited by Melba Joyce Boyd and M.L. Liebler.
264 1|aDetroit :|bWayne State University Press,|c[2001]
264 4|c©2001
300 |a422 pages ;|c24 cm
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338 |avolume|bnc|2rdacarrier
504 |aIncludes bibliographical references.
505 00|rSarah Addae --|tSunstruck|g35 -- /|rSaladin Ahmed --|tStereo Links|g37 -- /|rRon Allen --|tIncinerator|g39 --|tPhraseology of a Mood|g41 -- /|rAlise Alousi --|tTrumbull Song|g43 --|tFor D.M.|g46 -- /|rMitzi Alvin --|tMotoring|g48 -- /|rOlivia V. Ambrogio --|tThey Say God Marks|g50 -- /|rAlvin Aubert --|tYou'd Have to See It|g52 --|tNumbers|g52 --|tChene Park|g53 -- /|rIrvine Barat --|tFour Decades Ago|g55 -- /|rFaruq Z. Bey --|tKantos|g57 -- /|rSadiq Bey --|tMorning 85|g59 -- /|rTerry Blackhawk --|tReader Response|g60 --|tFebruary Teacher|g61 -- /|rMelba Joyce Boyd --|tWe Want Our City Back|g63 --|tView of blue|g66 --|tBurial of a Building|g68 -- /|rJill Witherspoon Boyer --|tDetroit Summers|g72 --|tDetroit City|g73 -- /|rWilliam Boyer --|tSquatter's Rights|g74 -- /|rDonna Brook --|tPeople Don't Die Just So You Can Write a Poem about Them|g76 --|tI Have My James Schuyler Too|g76 -- /|rJames Burdine --|tEastside Hypocrite|g78 -- /|rAnthony Butts --|tDetroit, City of Straits|g79 --|tBelle Isle Men|g80 -- /|rMary Ann Cameron --|tHearing|g81 --|tHaiku '84|g82 -- /|rNorene Cashen --|tSmallness: Ann Mikolowski's Aris Koutroulis (1985)|g83 -- /|rLeon Chamberlain --|tHighland Park|g84 -- /|rHayan Charara --|tAngelus Novus|g86 --|tJesus Turns Asphalt into Bread|g87 -- /|rEsperanza M. Cintron --|tStreet Market Requiem|g89 -- /|rJames Clay --|tWhere Gardens Grow|g92 -- /|rAndrei Codrescu --|tDetroit Love Song|g95 -- /|rWalter Cox --|tRosedale Street|g100 -- /|rStella Crews --|tDetroit Is in Renaissance|g101 -- /|rRobert Dana --|tSimple|g103 -- /|rJim Daniels --|tHard Rock|g106 --|tDetroit Hymns, Christmas Eve|g107 --|tfrom Time, Temperature|g108 -- /|rToi Derricotte --|tSt. Peter Claver|g111 --|tBlackbottom|g112 -- /|rMark Donovan --|tHIP 1|g113 --|tHIP 2|g114 -- /|rGloria Dyc --|tCargo of Grace|g115 --|tOn Seeing Old Friends in Detroit|g115 -- /|rHenrietta Epstein --|tConfession of the Rouge Park Killer|g119 --|tWedding Photograph: Detroit 1935|g120 -- /|rLinda Nemec Foster --|tDetroit|g123 -- /|rLarry Gabriel --|tCold Hands in the Urban Village|g124 --|tBand of Gypsies|g124 --|tCrosstown Traffic|g125 -- /|rJoan Gartland --|tEgyptian Gallery in August: Detroit 1994|g126 --|tSong in Tender Black|g127 -- /|rJose Garza --|tOn Leaving You|g129 -- /|rDan Georgakas --|tRemembering Detroit 1973|g131 --|tOctober Song|g132 -- /|rCharles A. Gervin --|tMy Sister Chicken Recalls How She Listened to the Supremes on the Radio as a Young Girl|g133 -- /|rMichele Gibbs --|tMessage from the Meridian|g134 --|tSomeday|g137 -- /|rPerri Giovannucci --|tCadillac Dreams of the Detroit River|g140 -- /|rMaurice Greenia, Jr. --|tPoem in Memory of Artworks on the Hudson's Building|g142 -- /|rJim Gustafson --|tJukebox|g145 -- /|rAurora Harris --|tJitterbug, Jazz and the Graystone|g147 -- /|rBill Harris --|tGet Off the Bus|g151 --|tDetroit Blues|g151 --|tElegy|g152 -- /|rKaleema Hasan --|tEnvisioning Greed as Hope|g153 -- /|rRobert Hayden --|tElegies for Paradise Valley|g155 -- /|rErrol A. Henderson --|tSupport Your Local Police: What We Pay Our Police For?|g161 -- /|rBarbara Henning --|tAs a Corrective|g164 -- /|rLolita Hernandez --|tGarcia's Market|g166 --|tQuiet Battles|g167 -- /|rJerry Herron --|tPassion of Edsel Ford|g169 -- /|rEllen Hildreth --|tHeidelberg Project|g175 -- /|rEdward Hirsch --|tThree Journeys|g176 -- /|rAnn Holdreith --|tBirth|g179 -- /|rDan Hughes --|tTo Mary|g180 --|tFalling|g180 --|tUgolino of Detroit|g181 -- /|rKim Hunter --|tBorn on Slow Knives|g182 -- /|rClark Iverson --|tWhere I Grew Up|g185 -- /|rMurray Jackson --|tDudley Randall|g186 --|t8 Ball in Side Pocket|g187 -- /|rGeoffrey Jacques --|tGiant|g188 --|tBlab of the Pave|g189 -- /|rStephen Jones --|tA Rose for Brian|g192 -- /|rLawrence Joseph --|tCurriculum Vitae|g193 -- /|rNubia Kai --|tJoe Louis|g196 -- /|rAneb Kgositsile --|tCalling All Brothers|g200 -- /|rFaye Kicknosway --|tDetroit|g203 -- /|rMargo Lagattuta --|tAlone in America|g206 -- /|rOliver Lagrone --|tI Heard the Byrd8|g207 --|tTo Rosa Lee Parks|g208 --|tBard of Hastings Street Bar|g209 -- /|rChristine Lahey --|tAfterglow|g211 --|tMotor City Men|g212 -- /|rMichael Lauchlan --|tElephants|g214 --|tLiturgy on Trumbull|g215 -- /|rJanet Lawless --|tFallen|g216 -- /|rPhilip Levine --|tNew World|g218 --|tPhotography 2|g219 --|tSalt and Oil|g220 -- /|rM.L. Liebler --|tSave the Frescoes That Are Us|g224 --|tMass Production|g225 --|tStraw Boss Dream|g226 -- /|rNaomi Long Madgett --|tCity Nights|g227 --|tGrand Circus Park|g228 --|tGood News|g229 -- /|rMike Madias --|tStreet Life|g230 -- /|rPeter Markus --|tBreakdown|g232 -- /|rMarc Maurus --|tFive/Eight Time|g234 -- /|rJudith Mccombs --|tIn Praise of the Natural Flowing|g236 -- /|rRaymond P. Mckinney --|tThing Ain't What They Used to Be|g238 -- /|rKen Mikolowski --|tJanuary in Detroit|g241 -- /|rDerek P. Miller --|tTrans-Siberian Express|g244 -- /|rMary Minock --|tDown by the Boulevard Dock|g247 --|tWild Flowers of Detroit|g250 -- /|rChristine Monhollen --|tSolstice|g253 -- /|rWardell Montgomery, Jr. --|tRoses Are Red|g255 -- /|rJessica Care Moore --|tBlack Coals with Dimond Hearts|g257 -- /|rJan Mordenski --|tIn the Sixties, They Banned Fireworks at Edgewater Park|g260 --|tLike Colavito|g261 -- /|rEdward Morin --|tFacing Away from Detroit|g263 -- /|rTed Nagy --|tBeneath the Grand Heaven|g264 -- /|rSchaarazetta Natelege --|tStrait City|g266 -- /|rDavid J. Nelson --|tFather the Son and the Spirit|g268 -- /|rKristin Palm --|tMotor City Trilogy|g271 -- /|rTed Pearson --|tfrom The Blue Table|g277 --|tfrom Coulomb's Law|g278 -- /|rSarah Jeanne Peters --|tMy Light|g279 -- /|rTom Peters, Jr. --|tOde to a '64 Chrysler|g280 -- /|rT.R. Peters, Sr. --|tGhosts of the Central Area: Detroit|g282 -- /|rLawrence Pike --|tAfter Attending a Poetry Reading on February 14|g284 --|tLines from a Highland Parker|g285 -- /|rAaron Ibin Pori Pitts --|tAn Epitah for Ogun in 16 Movementz|g287 -- /|rSonya Marie Pouncy --|tDetroit Poem: Part One|g289 -- /|rDudley Randall --|tOld Witherington|g292 --|tGeorge|g293 --|tBag Woman|g294 -- /|rJon Randall --|tDE-troit Summerscene|g295 -- /|rKevin Rashid --|tAn Invitation|g296 --|tHistorical|g297 -- /|rMarilynn Rashid --|tZena|g299 --|tShooting at No One|g300 -- /|rEugene B. Redmond --|tAerolingual Poet of Prey|g301 --|tDetroit Circa 1989/90|g303 -- /|rJohn R. Reed --|tScrapyards: Eastside Detroit|g304 -- /|rLeslie Reese --|tI Love You (The Heidelberg Project)|g306 -- /|rRod Reinhart --|tDetroit 1983: I Am Waiting|g308 -- /|rJudith Roche --|tSerious Childhood|g310 -- /|rMichele Valerie Ronnick --|tConditor Huius Urbis: A Triptych for Mr. Woodward (1774-1827)|g312 -- /|rIrene Rosemond --|tJazz/Blues/Jazz|g314 -- /|rMichael Ashton Rosemond --|tMothering Birds|g316 -- /|rJohn Rybicki --|tGravity|g318 -- /|rOsvaldo R. Sabino --|tChameleon Posing with a Passport|g319 -- /|rJacqueline Rae Rawlson Sanchez --|tDrew's Mom|g320 -- /|rTrinidad Sanchez, Jr. --|tWhy Am I So Brown?|g322 --|tLet Us Stop This Madness|g323 -- /|rSteven Schreiner --|tPassion Fruit|g326 -- /|rDenise Sedman --|tUntitled|g327 -- /|rSemaj --|tJonahs|g330 -- /|rDennis Shea --|tRandom Beyond the Confidence Line on the First Day of School|g333 -- /|rJohn Sinclair --|tScreamers|g335 --|tConsequences|g336 -- /|rElla Singer --|t15th and Dalzelle Streets|g338 -- /|rW.D. Snodgrass --|tOld Apple Trees|g340 -- /|rElizabeth Anne Socolow --|tA Woman Singing the Blues while Cleaning House in Detroit|g343 -- /|rKeith Carter Sterling --|tDetroit Grand Prix|g345 -- /|rRenee Tambeau --|tRenaissance|g348 --|t1967|g349 -- /|rTeresa Tan --|tI will never understand the city|g350 -- /|rKeith Taylor --|tDetroit Dancing 1948|g352 -- /|rDennis Teichman --|tUprising|g354 -- /|rStephen Tudor --|tFactories along the River|g357 --|tDetroit River North to South|g358 -- /|rChris Tysh --|t6/To Rehearse|g361 --|t7/As Quoted Before|g362 -- /|rGeorge Tysh --|tAire|g363 --|tBabes|g364 -- /|rMelanie Van Der Tuin --|tDetroit|g365 -- /|rHilda Vest --|tMandela8 Comes to Motown|g370 --|tChant on US-80|g370 -- /|rAnca Vlasopolos --|tMarch of Dimes, April in Detroit|g372 --|tLate Encounter|g373 -- /|rRayfield Waller --|tRon Allen's Poem|g375 --|tLiterally, for Elegance You Went|g375 -- /|rDavid Watson --|tTrust Jesus|g378 -- /|rBarrett Watten --|tTibet|g379 --|tfrom Under Erasure|g381 -- /|rKim Webb --|tHuman Nature|g385 -- /|rMary Ann Wehler --|tThey Walked a Mile for a Camel, the Man's Cigarette|g386 -- /|rKaren Williams --|tTearing Down "N" Building at Old Eloise Hospital for a New Golf Course|g387 -- /|rTyrone Williams --|tGrace of God|g389 --|tAlternative Difference|g390 -- /|rWillie Williams --|tMany Marvelously Colored Memories|g392 --|tWhere Did Her Love Go?|g393.
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651 4|aDetroit (Mich.)|vPoetry.
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