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Classic Chu Berry Columbia and Victor Sessions /

Chu Berry.

Book Cover
Names: Berry, Chu, | Smith, Bessie, | Hill, Teddy, | Allen, Henry, | Dandridge, Putney, | Bailey, Mildred, | Holiday, Billie, | Schoenberg, Loren,
Published: Stamford, CT : Mosaic Records, [2007]
Topics: Jazz - 1931-1940. | Jazz - 1941-1950. | Swing (Music) | Jazz vocals. | Big band music. | Dance orchestra music. | Alternate takes (Sound recordings)
Genres: Alternate takes (Sound recordings) | Alternate takes (Sound recordings)
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019 |a122328293
028 00|aMD7-236|bMosaic Records
028 00|a236|bMosaic Records
028 00|aA 706534--A 706537|bMosaic Records
028 00|aA 689040-A--A 689040-G|bMosaic Records
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050 4|aM1366.B4779|bC53 2007
092 |a781.65|bB534c CD9909
092 |a781.65|bB534cL
245 00|aClassic Chu Berry Columbia and Victor Sessions /|cChu Berry.
246 30|aChu Berry Columbia and Victor Sessions
264 1|aStamford, CT :|bMosaic Records,|c[2007]
264 4|c℗2007, ©2007
300 |a7 audio discs :|bdigital ;|c4 3/4 in. +|eprogram notes (36 pages : illustrations, portraits ; 31 cm) laid in container
336 |aperformed music|bprm|2rdacontent
337 |aaudio|bs|2rdamedia
338 |aaudio disc|bsd|2rdacarrier
344 |adigital|gstereo|2rda
347 |aaudio file|bCD audio|2rda
500 |aMosaic Records: MD7-236 (on container spines: 236, additional no. on disc labels: A 706534--A 706537 and A 689040-A--A 689040-G).
500 |aJazz and swing music, in part with big bands, dance orchestras, and vocalists.
500 |aMost selections previously released on 78 rpm discs.
500 |aCompact discs.
500 |aCompact discs; 1 Program note, 4 containers and 4 guides, in box.
500 |aProgram and biographical notes by Loren Schoenberg with discographical information.
505 00|gPart 1. Disc 1.|tBlue interlude /|rCarter, Kurtz, Mills|g(3:25) ;|tI never knew|g(2 takes) /|rT. FioRito, G. Kahn|g(3:03; 3:03) ;|tOnce upon a time /|rCarter, Mills, Pease|g(3:24) ;|tKrazy kapers /|rDonald Parker|g(3:28) ;|tDo your duty /|rWesley A. Wilson|g(3:25) ;|tI'm down in the dumps /|rL. Wilson, W. Wilson|g(3:10) ;|t(Lookie, lookie, lookie) Here comes Cookie /|rMack Gordon|g(3:00) ;|tWhen the robin sings his song again /|rJ. Coots, M. Parish|g(2:53) ;|tRosetta /|rE. Hines, H. Woode|g(3:07) ;|tI'll never say 'never again' again /|rHarry Woods|g(2:57) ;|tGet rhythm in your feet /|rJ. Russell Robinson, W. Livingston|g(2:44) ;|tChasing shadows /|rB. Davis, A. Silver|g(2:33) ;|tWhen I grow too old to dream /|rO. Hammerstein, S. Romberg|g(2:38) ;|tI'd love to take orders from you /|rA. Dubin, H. Warren|g(2:40) ;|tI'd rather listen to your eyes /|rA. Dubin, H. Warren|g(3:06) ;|tWhen day is done /|rB.G. DeSylva, R. Katscher|g(3:27) ;|tTwenty four hours a day /|rJ. Hanley, A. Swanstrom|g(2:59) ;|tYankee Doodle never went to town /|rR. Freed, B. Hanighen|g(2:41) ;|tEeny meeny meiny mo /|rJ. Mercer, M. Malneck|g(3:10) ;|tI hope Gabriel likes my music /|rDave Franklin|g(3:02) ;|tMutiny in the parlor /|rE. Heyman, V. Lawnhurst|g(3:00) ;|tI'm gonna clap my hands /|rM. Riley, M. Farley|g(2:56) ;|tSwing is here /|rBerry, Eldridge, Krupa|g(2:53).
505 80|gDisc 2.|tChristopher Columbus /|rL. Berry, A. Razaf|g(3:02) ;|tGrand terrace swing /|rFerdinand Arbello|g(2:56) ;|tBlue Lou /|rI. Mills, E. Sampson|g(3:06) ;|tStealin' apples /|rF. Waller, A. Razaf|g(2:55) ;|tMoonrise on the lowlands /|rJ. Livingston, A. Neiburg|g(2:40) ;|tI'll always be in love with you /|rGreen, Ruby, Stept|g(3:01) ;|tJangled nerves /|rFletcher Henderson|g(2:32) ;|tMary had a little lamb /|rM. Symes, M. Malneck|g(2:54) ;|tToo good to be true /|rClay Boland|g(3:08) ;|tWarmin' up /|rTeddy Wilson|g(3:14) ;|tBlues In C sharp minor /|rTeddy Wilson|g(3:20) ;|tWhere there's you there's me /|rGoodhart, Hoffman, Sigler|g(2:25) ;|tDo you or don't you love me /|rS. Nesbitt, E. Smalle|g(2:59) ;|tMary had a little lamb /|rM. Symes, M. Malneck|g(2:47) ;|tShoe shine boy /|rS. Cahn, S. Chaplin|g(3:30) ;|tSing, sing, sing /|rLouis Prima|g(2:31) ;|tKnock, knock who's there?|g(2 takes) /|rDavies, Lopez, Morris, Tipson|g(2:53; 2: 53) ;|tJim Town blues /|rC. Davis, F. Rose|g(2:42) ;|tYou can depend on me /|rDunlap, Carpenter, Hines|g(3:27) ;|tSlummin' on Park Avenue (2 takes) /|rIrving Berlin|g(2:32; 2:25) ;|tRhythm of the tambourine /|rDave Franklin|g(2:37) ;|tBack in your own backyard /|rJolson, Rose, Dreyer|g(2:31) ;|tRose room /|rA. Hickman, H. Williams|g(2:59) ;|tGreat Caesar's ghost /|rDick Vance|g(2:19).
505 00|gPart 2. Disc 3.|tNow you're talking my language /|rKoehler, Mitchell, Stept|g(2:49) ;|tBack home again in Indiana ;|tBack home again in Indiana|g(alt. take) /|rJ. Hanley, B. MacDonald|g(2:49) ;|tToo marvelous for words /|rJ. Mercer, R. Whiting|g(2:53) ;|tToo marvelous for words|g(alt. take) /|rJ. Mercer, R. Whiting|g(2:52) ;|tLimehouse blues g (2:48) ;|tLimehouse blues|g(alt. take) /|rP. Braham, D. Furber|g(2:51) ;|tAll God's chillun got rhythm /|rJurmann, Kaper, Kahn|g(2:38) ;|tChris and his gang /|rDorsey, F. Henderson, H. Henderson|g(3:00) ;|tI'm always in the mood for you /|rB. Davis, J. Coots|g(2:52) ;|tShe's tall, she's tan, she's terrific /|rB. Davis, J. Coots|g(2:30) ;|tGo south, young man /|rB. Davis, J. Coots|g(2:07) ;|tMama, I want to make rhythm /|rByron, Jerome, Kent|g(2:59) ;|tQueen Isabella /|rJ. Davis, P. Denniker|g(2:42) ;|tSavage rhythm /|rB. Davis, J. Coots|g(2:31) ;|tChuberry jam|g(2:16) ;|tMaelstrom|g(2:46) ;|tMaelstrom|g(alt. take)|g(2:45) /|rChu Berry ;|tMy secret love affair /|rS. Mitchell, L. Pollack|g(2:48) ;|tEbb tide /|rL. Robin, R. Rainger|g(2:42) ;|tA minor breakdown|g(2 takes) /|rCab Calloway|g(2:21; 2:26) ;|tBugle blues /|rSchoebel, Pettis, Meyers, Mills|g(2:25) ;|tMy first impression of you /|rS. Stept, C. Tobias|g(2:48) ;|tWith a smile and a song|g(2 takes) /|rF. Churchill, L. Morey|g(3:05; 2:55).
505 80|gDisc 4.|tWhen you're smiling /|rFisher, Goodwin, Shay|g(2:54) ;|tI can't believe that you're in love with me /|rC. Gaskill, J. McHugh|g(2:33) ;|tThanks for the memory|g(2 takes) /|rL. Robin, R. Rainger|g(2:40; 2:33) ;|tLover come back to me|g(2 takes) /|rO. Hammerstein II, S. Romberg|g(3:07; 3:12) ;|tAnnie Laurie|g(Scottish folk song)|g(2:48) ;|tLoch Lomond|g(Scottish folk song)|g(2:30) ;|tMy Mariuccia take a steamboat /|rG. Ronklyn, A. Piantodosi|g(2:32) ;|tIn the land of Yamo Yamo /|rF. Fisher, J. McCarthy|g(2:39) ;|tRustle of swing|g(alt. take)|g(3:04) ;|tRustle of swing|g(2:56) /|rCab Calloway ;|tThree swings and out /|rCab Calloway|g(2:12) ;|tI like music (With a swing like that) /|rCab Calloway|g(2:33) ;|tPenguin swing /|runknown|g(3:28) ;|tPeck-a-doodle-do /|rCalloway, Jones, Mosby, Mills|g(2:47) ;|tAt the Clambake Carnival /|rChu Berry|g(2:26) ;|tHoy-hoy /|rMona Conrad|g(2:46) ;|tMiss Hallelujah Brown /|rB. Davis, J. Coots|g(2:20) ;|tShout, shout, shout /|rC. Calloway, J. Blake|g(2:33) ;|tJive (Page "1" of The Hepster's dictionary) /|rCab Calloway|g(2:55) ;|tDo you wanna jump, children? /|rBryant, Donahue, Salsman, Van Heusen|g(2:21) ;|tBlue interlude /|rCarter, Kurtz, Mills|g(2:34) ;|tFDR Jones /|rHarold J. Rome|g(2:19) ;|tThat's all I ask of you|g(2 takes) /|rR.E. Pope|g(2:57; 2:55).
505 00|gPart 3. Disc 5.|tFloogie walk /|rT. Koehler, R. Bloom|g(2:18) ;|tI can give you love /|rL. Hampton, J. Evans|g(2:45) ;|tHigh society /|rA.J. Piron, C. Williams|g(3:11) ;|rJohnny get your horn /|rHathaway, Hirsch, Hampton|g(3:08) ;|tSweethearts on parade /|rC. Lombardo, C. Newman|g(2:58) ;|tShufflin' at The Hollywood|g(2 takes) /|rL. Hampton, A. Reuss|g(3:07; 3:04) ;|tDenison swing /|rLionel Hampton|g(3:13) ;|tWizzin' the wizz|g(2 takes) /|rLionel Hampton|g(2:22; 2:22) ;|tDownright disgusted blues /|rFreeman, Manone, Shand|g(2:27) ;|tCorrine Corrini /|rWilliams, Chatman, Parish|g(2:12) ;|tI'm a real kinda papa /|rR. Graham, M. Pinkard|g(2:48) ;|tJumpy nerves /|rW. Manone, J. Dale|g(2:46) ;|tBoogie woogie /|rW. Manone, P. Smith|g(2:29) ;|tAin't cha comin' home? /|rBernardi, Hampton, Hathaway|g(3:16) ;|tRoyal Garden blues /|rS. Williams, C. Williams|g(2:33) ;|tIn the barrel /|rLouis Armstrong|g(2:25) ;|tFarewell blues /|rMares, Roppolo, Schoebel|g(2:35) ;|tFare thee, my baby, fare-thee-well /|rWingy Manone|g(2:33) ;|tLimehouse blues /|rP. Braham, D. Furber|g(2:16) ;|tTrylon swing /|rE. Bostic, I. Mills|g(2:45) ;|tUtt-da-zay /|rB. Ram, I. Mills|g(2:54) ;|tCrescendo in drums /|rE. Battle, H. Smith|g(2:44) ;|tThe jumpin' jive /|rCalloway, Froeba, Palmer|g(2:48).
505 80|gDisc 6.|tPluckin' the bass|g(2 takes) /|rR. Eldridge, M. Hinton|g(2:40; 2:40) ;|tI ain't getting nowhere fast /|rCalloway, Grainger, Willet|g(2:44) ;|rBlue Lou /|rI. Mills, E. Sampson|g(2:50) ;|tWhen the saints go marching in /|rtrad.|g(2:26) ;|tMy honey's lovin' arms /|rJ. Meyer, H. Ruby|g(2:44) ;|tWhen my sugar walks down the street /|rAustin, McHugh, Mills|g(2:49) ;|tHot mallets /|rLionel Hampton|g(2:13) ;|tA bee gezindt /|rHenry Nemo|g(2:48) ;|tGive, baby, give /|rCarroll, Shelley, Spencer|g(2:33) ;|tDo it again /|rK. Werner, S. Werner|g(2:50) ;|tCalling all bars|g(2 takes) /|rLeonard Feather|g(3:05; 2:44) ;|tDo I care? No, no|g(2 takes) /|rCalloway, Lee, Seelen, Shapiro|g(2:46; 2:44) ;|tThe lone arranger|g(2 takes) /|rWen d'Aury|g(2:40; 2:29) ;|tHard times /|rCalloway, Battle, Noel|g(3:16) ;|tWho's Yehoodi?|g(2 takes) /|rM. Dennis, B. Seckler|g(3:09; 3:05) ;|tCome on with the 'come on' /|rC. Calloway, A. Gibson|g(2:53) ;|tA ghost of a chance|g(2 takes) /|rCrosby, Washington, Young|g(2:51; 2:57) ;|tBye bye blues|g(2 takes) /|rBennett, Gray, Hamm, Lown|g(2:49; 2:51).
505 00|gPart 4. Disc 7.|tPapa's in bed with his britches on|g(3 takes) /|rJesse Stone|g(2:34; 2:31; 2:30) ;|tBoo-wah boo-wah|g(2 takes) /|rLarry Clinton|g(3:02; 2:48) ;|tCupid's nightmare /|rDon Redman|g(2:40) ;|tAre you hep to the jive? /|rC. Calloway, B. Ram|g(2:47) ;|tHot air /|rC. Calloway, E. Novello|g(2:52) ;|tLonesome nights|g(2 takes) /|rB. Carter, I. Mills|g(2:55; 2:56;) ;|tA chicken ain't nothin' but a bird|g(3 takes) /|rEmmett Wallace|g(2:53; 2:34; 2:51) ;|tThe worker's train /|rCalloway, Skyler, Shaftel|g(3:17) ;|tThe worker's train (breakdown) /|rCalloway, Skyler, Shaftel|g(3:04) ;|tRun, little rabbit|g(2 takes) /|rAndy Gibson|g(4:25; 3:10) ;|tAre you all reet?|g(2 takes) /|rC. Calloway, J. Palmer|g(3:04; 3:03) ;|tSpecial delivery|g(3 takes) /|rC. Calloway, A. Gibson|g(2:58; 2:56; 2:55) ;|tTake the 'A' Train /|rBilly Strayhorn|g(3:03) ;|tHey Doc! /|rK. Gannon, E. Sampson|g(3:14) ;|tMy coo-coo bird (could swing) /|rBuster Harding|g(2:44).
511 0 |aLeon "Chu" Berry, tenor saxophone ; with, variously: The Chocolate Dandies ; Bessie Smith Orchestra; Teddy Hill and his orchestra ; Henry Allen and his orchestra ; Putney Dandridge and his orchestra ; Mildred Bailey and her swing band ; Teddy Wilson and his orchestra ; Gene Krupa's Swing Band ; Fletcher Henderson and his orchestra ; Chu Berry and his Stompy Stevedores ; Cab Calloway and his orchestra ; Wingy Manone and his orchestra ; Billie Holiday and her orchestra ; Lionel Hampton and his orchestra.
518 |aRecorded Oct. 10, 1933-Sept. 10, 1941 in New York City and Chicago, Ill.
648 7|a1931-1950|2fast
650 0|aJazz|y1931-1940.
650 0|aJazz|y1941-1950.
650 0|aSwing (Music)
650 0|aJazz vocals.
650 0|aBig band music.
650 0|aDance orchestra music.
650 0|aAlternate takes (Sound recordings)
650 7|aAlternate takes (Sound recordings)|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst00806131
650 7|aBig band music.|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst00831581
650 7|aDance orchestra music.|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst00887553
650 7|aJazz.|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst00982165
650 7|aJazz vocals.|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst00982216
650 7|aSwing (Music)|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst01140547
655 7|aAlternate takes (Sound recordings)|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst01752722
655 7|aAlternate takes (Sound recordings)|2lcgft
700 1 |aBerry, Chu,|eperformer,|esaxophone.
700 1 |aSmith, Bessie,|d1894-1937,|eperformer.
700 1 |aHill, Teddy,|d1909-1978,|eperformer.
700 1 |aAllen, Henry,|d1908-1967,|eperformer.
700 1 |aDandridge, Putney,|d1902-1946,|eperformer.
700 1 |aBailey, Mildred,|eperformer.
700 1 |aHoliday, Billie,|d1915-1959,|eperformer.
700 1 |aSchoenberg, Loren,|d1958-|eperformer.
710 2 |aChocolate Dandies (Benny Carter),|eperformer.
710 2 |aTeddy Wilson Orchestra,|eperformer,|earranger of music.
710 2 |aGene Krupa's Swing Band,|eperformer,|earranger of music.
710 2 |aFletcher Henderson's Orchestra,|eperformer,|earranger of music.
710 2 |aStompy Stevedores,|eperformer.
710 2 |aCab Calloway Orchestra,|eperformer,|earranger of music.
710 2 |aWingy Manone Orchestra,|eperformer.
710 2 |aLionel Hampton Orchestra,|eperformer.
994 |aC0|bIBZ

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