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Electrophoretic separation of proteins : methods and protocols /

edited by Biji T. Kurien and R. Hal Scofield.

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Names: Kurien, Biji T., | Scofield, R. Hal,
Vernacular: How it all began : a personal history of gel electrophoresis / Oliver Smithies -- Introduction to protein electrophoresis / Pothur R. Srinivas -- Measuring protein concentration with absorbance, lowry, bradford coomassie blue, or the smith bicinchoninic acid assay before electrophoresis / J. P. Dean Goldring -- Concentrating proteins by salt, polyethylene glycol, solvent, SDS precipitation, three-phase partitioning, dialysis, centrifugation, ultrafiltration, lyophilization, affinity chromatography, immunoprecipitation or increased temperature for protein isolation, drug interaction, and proteomic and peptidomic evaluation / J. P. Dean Goldring -- Lysis buffer choices are key considerations to ensure effective sample solubilization for protein electrophoresis / Ewa I. Miskiewicz and Daniel J. MacPhee -- Cydex blue assay : a one-step protein assay for samples prior to SDS electrophoresis / Thierry Rabilloud -- Cellulose acetate electrophoresis of hemoglobin / Ramesh Kumar and Wilbert A. Derbigny -- Native polyacrylamide gels / Claudia Arndt, Stefanie Koristka, Anja Feldmann, and Michael Bachmann -- Isoelectric focusing on non-denaturing flatbed gels / Biji T. Kurien and R. Hal Scofield -- Determination of protein molecular weights on SDS-PAGE / Hiroyuki Matsumoto, Hisao Haniu, and Naoka Komori -- Two-dimensional gel electrophoresis by glass tube-based IEF and SDS-PAGE / Hiroyuki Matsumoto, Hisao Haniu, Biji T. Kurien, and Naoka Komori -- Cationic electrophoresis / Engelbert Buxbaum -- Two-dimensional gel electrophoresis with immobilized pH gradients / Bre'Ana Byrd and Huyen Tran -- SARCOSYL-PAGE : optimized protocols for the separation and immunologicaldDetection of PEGylated proteins / Christian Reichel, Gun̈ter Gmeiner, Philipp Reihlen, Mario Thevis, and Wilhelm Sch€anzer -- Tricine-SDS-PAGE / Syed R. Haider, Helen J. Reid, and Barry L. Sharp -- Analysis of protein glycation using phenylboronate acrylamide gel electrophoresis / Marta P. Pereira Morais, Omar Kassaar, Stephen E. Flower, Robert J. Williams, Tony D. James, and Jean M. H. van den Elsen -- Immunofixation electrophoresis for identification of proteins and specific antibodies / Gyorgy Csako -- Electrophoretic separation of very large molecular weight proteins in SDS agarose / Marion L. Greaser and Chad M. Warren -- Increase in local protein concentration by field-inversion gel electrophoresis / Henghang Tsai and Hon-Chiu Eastwood Leung -- Two-dimensional difference gel electrophoresis / Malachi Blundon, Vinitha Ganesan, Brendan Redler, Phu T. Van, and Jonathan S. Minden -- "Microchip Electrophoresis," with respect to "Profiling of Aβ Peptides in the Cerebrospinal Fluid of Patients with Alzheimer's Disease" / Mohamad Reza Mohamadi, Romain Verpillot, Myriam Taverna, Markus Otto, and Jean-Louis Viovy -- Measuring low-picomolar apparent binding affinities by minigel electrophoretic mobility shift / Karen A. Lewis, Sarah E. Altschuler, and Deborah S. Wuttke -- Identification of proteins interacting with single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) by DNA pull-down assay / Bhupinder Singh and Swapan K. Nath -- Horizontal agarose gel mobility shift assay for protein-RNA complexes / Jennifer A. Ream, L. Kevin Lewis, and Karen A. Lewis -- Applications of immobilized metal affinity electrophoresis / Bao-Shiang Lee, Lasanthi P. Jayathilaka, Jin-Sheng Huang, and Shalini Gupta -- Isoelectric focusing in agarose gel for detection of oligoclonal bands in cerebrospinal and other biological fluids / Gyorgy Csako -- Combined free-flow electrophoresis and DIGE approach to compare proteins in complex biological samples / Kim Y. C. Fung, Chris Cursaro, Tanya Lewanowitsch,Leah Cosgrove, and Peter Hoffmann -- SDS-PAGE for 35S immunoprecipitation and immunoprecipitation western blotting / Edward P. Trieu and Ira N. Targoff -- Multichannel gel electrophoresis and continuous fraction collection apparatus for high-throughput protein separation and characterization / Ming Dong, Megan Choi, Mark D. Biggin, and Jian Jin -- Cell surface protein biotinylation for SDS-PAGE analysis / Giuliano Elia -- Isolation of proteins from polyacrylamide gel / Stefanie Koristka, Claudia Arndt, Ralf Bergmann, and Michael Bachmann -- Continuous elution SDS-PAGE with a modified standard gel apparatus to separate and isolate an array of proteins from complex mixtures / Robert G. E. Krause and J. P. Dean Goldring -- Protein extraction from gels : a brief review / Biji T. Kurien, Rachna Aggarwal, and R. Hal Scofield -- Gel absorption-based sample preparation method for shotgun analysis of membrane proteome / Xianchun Wang and Songping Liang -- Ultrarapid sodium dodecyl sulfate polyacrylamide mini-gel electrophoresis / Rohit Thomas and Biji T. Kurien -- Brief review of other notable electrophoretic methods / James D. Fesmire -- Single-cell high-resolution detection and quantification of protein isoforms differing by a single charge unit / Kristi A. Koelsch - Artifacts and common errors in protein gel electrophoresis / Biji T. Kurien and R. Hal Scofield.
Published: New York : Humana Press : Springer, [2018]
Series: Methods in molecular biology (Clifton, N.J.) ; v. 1855.
Topics: Electrophoresis - Laboratory manuals. | Proteins - Separation - Laboratory manuals. | Electrochemical Techniques. | Electrophoresis - methods. | Chemistry Techniques, Analytical. | Electrophoresis, Agar Gel. | Immunoelectrophoresis. | Proteins. | Laboratory Manuals.
Genres: Electronic books.
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Location & Availability for: Electrophoretic separation of proteins :