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Neurotology /

[edited by] Robert K. Jackler, Derald E. Brackmann.

Book Cover
Names: Jackler, Robert K. | Brackmann, Derald E.,
Published: Philadelphia, Pa. : Mosby, ©2005.
Edition: 2nd ed.
Topics: Vestibular apparatus - Diseases. | Vestibular apparatus - Surgery. | Auditory pathways - Diseases. | Auditory pathways - Surgery. | Vestibulocochlear Nerve Diseases. | Vestibular Nerve. | Skull Base Neoplasms. | Nerf vestibulaire. | Atteintes du nerf vestibulocochléaire. | Tumeurs de la base du crâne. | Neoplasias cranianas. | Doenças dos nervos cranianos. | Sistema nervoso. | Vestibule du labyrinthe osseux - Maladies. | Vestibule du labyrinthe osseux - Chirurgie. | Voies cochléaires - Maladies. | Voies cochléaires - Chirurgie.
Regions: Neurotology.
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245 00|aNeurotology /|c[edited by] Robert K. Jackler, Derald E. Brackmann.
250 |a2nd ed.
260 |aPhiladelphia, Pa. :|bMosby,|c©2005.
300 |axxiii, 1411 pages :|billustrations (some color) ;|c28 cm
336 |atext|btxt|2rdacontent
337 |aunmediated|bn|2rdamedia
338 |avolume|bnc|2rdacarrier
504 |aIncludes bibliographical references and index.
505 00|tIntroduction : the history of neurotology and skull base surgery /|rLawrence R. Lustig --|g1.|tThe human brainstem auditory system /|rJean K. Moore --|g2.|tPhysiology of the ear and the auditory nervous system /|rAage R. Moller --|g3.|tAnatomy of the central vestibular system /|rRichard R. Gacek --|g4.|tPhysiology of the vestibular system /|rDietrich W.F. Schwarz and R. David Tomlinson --|g5.|tMolecular genetics in neurotology /|rAnand N. Mhatre and Anil K. Lalwani --|g6.|tPathologic correlates in neurotology /|rA. Julianna Gulya --|g7.|tHearing loss in neurotologic diagnosis /|rMichael A. Novak --|g8.|tSymptoms of vestibular disease /|rJohn F. Kveton --|g9.|tTinnitus /|rAage R. Moller --|g10.|tOtalgia /|rJohn S. McDonald --|g11.|tPulsatile tinnitus : advances in diagnosis and treatment /|rAristides Sismanis --|g12.|tThe neurotologic examination /|rTimothy E. Hullar and Lloyd B. Minor --|g13.|tNeuro-ophthalmic manifestations of neurotologic disease /|rSteven A. Newman and Paul R. Lambert --|g14.|tOtolith dysfunction and semicircular canal dysfunction /|rVincent B. Ostrowski and Dennis I. Bojrab --|g15.|tDynamic posturography /|rCourtney D. Hall and Susan J. Herdman --|g16.|tVestibular evoked myogenic potentials /|rSteven D. Rauch --|g17.|tCentral auditory processing disorders : assessment and remediation /|rWileen Chang and Robert W. Keith --|g18.|tObjective measures of auditory function /|rPaul R. Kileny and Bruce M. Edwards --|g19.|tFunctional imaging of auditory cortical activity /|rManuel Don and Curtis W. Ponton --|g20.|tImaging of the labyrinth /|rAlexander S. Mark --|g21.|tImaging of the cerebellopontine angle /|rWilliam W.M. Lo and Michael M. Hovsepian --|g22.|tImaging of the lateral skull base /|rGrace Fan and Hugh D. Curtin --|g23.|tImaging of the facial nerve /|rSujana S. Chandrasekhar, Antonio De la Cruz, William W.M. Lo and Fred F. Telischi --|g24.|tDiagnostic and therapeutic angiography /|rChristopher F. Dowd and Van V. Halbach --|g25.|tAuditory neuropathy, sarcoidosis, siderosis, and idiopathic pachymeningitis /|rAngela D. Martin and Colin L.W. Driscoll --|g26.|tVestibular neuritis /|rJoel A. Goebel and Gerard Gianoli --|g27.|tOtologic and neurotologic sequelae of meningitis /|rAlexis H. Jackman and David R. Edelstein --|g28.|tDemyelinating diseases /|rEdwin M. Monsell --|g29.|tMigraine /|rLee A. Harker --|g30.|tSeizure disorders /|rNancy M. Young and John Grant --|g31.|tIncreased intracranial pressure /|rDouglas A. Chen and J. Diaz Day --|g32.|tVertigo, dysequilibrium, and imbalance with aging /|rAnil K. Lalwani --|g33.|tCervical proprioceptive dysfunction /|rMark J. Syms --|g34.|tParaneoplastic disorders /|rA. Julianna Gulya --|g35.|tDizziness in childhood /|rFred F. Telischi, Grayson K. Rodgers and Thomas J. Balkany --|g36.|tCentral auditory system development and disorders /|rDebara L. Tucci and Edwin W. Rubel --|g37.|tCochlear hearing loss /|rJohn S. Oghalai --|g38.|tElectronystagmography and rotation tests /|rDennis I. Bojrab and Vincent B. Ostrowski --|g39.|tMeniere's disease /|rStephanie Moody Antonio and Rick Friedman --|g40.|tAutoimmune inner ear disease /|rSteven D. Rauch --|g41.|tBenign paroxysmal positional vertigo /|rLorne S. Parnes and Sumil K. Agrawal --|g42.|tPharmacotherapy of vestibular dysfunction /|rP. Ashley Wackym and Tammy S. Schumacher-Monfre --|g43.|tSurgical neurotology : an overview /|rRobert K. Jackler --|g44.|tComplications in neurotologic surgery /|rG. Robert Kletzker, Robert J. Backer, John P. Leonetti and Peter G. Smith --|g45.|tAcoustic neuroma /|rRobert K. Jackler and Markus H.F. Pfister --|g46.|tNeurofibromatosis 2 /|rWilliam H. Slattery III and Laurel M. Fisher --|g47.|tMeningiomas of the posterior fossa and skull base /|rAmeet Singh and Samuel H. Selesnick --|g48.|tEpidermoid cysts of the cerebellopontine angle /|rAntonio De la Cruz, Karen Jo Doyle and Stephanie Moody Antonio --|g49.|tRare tumors of the cerebellopontine angle /|rLoren J. Bartels and John R. Arrington --|g50.|tIntrinsic posterior fossa brain tumors /|rIan F. Parney, Lawrence H. Pitts and Michael W. McDermott --|g51.|tVascular compression syndromes /|rMitchell K. Schwaber --|g52.|tFacial nerve and intracranial complications of otitis media /|rJ. Gail Neely --|g53.|tCerebrospinal fluid leak of temporal bone origin /|rRonald A. Hoffman and Dennis Pappas --|g54.|tArteriovenous malformations /|rRobert A. Williamson and Newton J. Coker --|g55.|tNeurotologic aspects of posterior fossa arachnoid cysts /|rLouis J. Kim and C. Phillip Daspit --|g56.|tVestibular neurectomy /|rSeth I. Rosenberg and Herbert Silverstein --|g57.|tIntraoperative monitoring of cranial nerves in skull base surgery /|rCharles D. Yingling and Yasmine A. Ashram --|g58.|tAnatomy of the lateral skull base /|rRobert A. Goldenberg and John P. Leonetti --|g59.|tSoft tissue reconstruction in skull base surgery /|rMichael J. O'Leary, Sanjay Ghosh and Richard E. Hayden --|g60.|tTumors of the temporal bone /|rSung J. Chung and Myles L. Pensak --|g61.|tTumors of the jugular foramen /|rKarl L. Horn and Hal L. Hankinson --|g62.|tManagement of clivus and parasellar space neoplasms /|rBruce J. Gantz, Ted A. Meyer, Miriam I. Redleaf and Arnold H. Menezes --|g63.|tTemporal bone and skull base trauma /|rJohn H. Greinwald, Jr., Kevin E. Kelly and Thomas A. Tami --|g64.|tTemporal bone encephalocele /|rAnil K. Lalwani --|g65.|tOtogenic skull base osteomyelitis /|rBarry E. Hirsch --|g66.|tLesions of the petrous apex /|rNikolas H. Blevins and Carl B. Heilman --|g67.|tDiffuse osseous lesions of the temporal bone /|rSteven W. Cheung, Karsten Munck and Robert K. Jackler --|g68.|tAbnormalities of the craniovertebral junction /|rP. Ashley Wackym and David R. Friedland --|g69.|tGamma knife radiosurgery and other forms of radiosurgery for management of skull base tumors /|rP. Ashley Wackym and Christina L. Runge-Samuelson --|g70.|tComplications of therapeutic radiation to the cranial base /|rEric E. Smouha and Collin S. Karmody --|g71.|tAnatomy and physiology of the facial nerve /|rMichael J. LaRouere and Larry B. Lundy --|g72.|tOverview of facial nerve surgery /|rJohn S. Oghalai and Robert K. Jackler --|g73.|tElectrical testing of the facial nerve /|rKedar K. Adour --|g74.|tThe acute facial palsies /|rCharles J. Limb and John K. Niparko --|g75.|tTumors of the facial nerve /|rGerard M. O'Donoghue and Thomas Nikolopoulos --|g76.|tIatrogenic facial nerve injury : prevention and management /|rEdwin M. Monsell --|g77.|tHearing aids and assistive listening devices /|rRobert W. Sweetow --|g78.|tImplantable hearing devices /|rSteven W. Cheung, Kenneth C.Y. Yu and Haruka Nakahara --|g79.|tCochlear implant technology /|rAdrien A. Eshraghi, Annelle V. Hodges, Fred F. Telischi and Thomas J. Balkany --|g80.|tCochlear implantation in adults /|rWilliam M. Luxford and Dawna Mills --|g81.|tCochlear implants in children /|rRichard T. Miyamoto and Karen Iler Kirk --|g82.|tAuditory brainstem implant /|rSteven R. Otto, Derald E. Brackmann, William E. Hitselberger, Robert V. Shannon and Mark J. Syms --|g83.|tVestibular and balance rehabilitation /|rSteven A. Telian and Neil T. Shepard --|g84.|tOcular treatment and rehabilitation of the patient with facial paralysis /|rRobert E. Levine --|g85.|tRehabilitation of lower cranial nerve palsies /|rEdward J. Damrose, Harold V. Clumeck and Michael J. Kaplan.
520 |aThis volume bridges the gap between medical neurology, neurosurgery, and otolaryngology. For this must-have reference, 121 leading experts synthesize the current body of knowledge in the rapidly growing field of neurotology, providing state-of-the-art guidelines for clinical diagnosis and management. The new edition has been completely revised and updated to reflect all of the very latest developments in research and practice. * Explores otologic manifestations of neurological disease. * Describes the electrophysiological diagnosis of neurotologic disorders. * Presents step-by-step guidance on surgical management, including procedures for treating tumors of the cerebellopontine angle and skull base. * Medical illustrations that depict complex neurotologic concepts and procedures with great clarity.
650 0|aVestibular apparatus|xDiseases.
650 0|aVestibular apparatus|xSurgery.
650 0|aAuditory pathways|xDiseases.
650 0|aAuditory pathways|xSurgery.
650 12|aVestibulocochlear Nerve Diseases.
650 12|aVestibular Nerve.
650 22|aSkull Base Neoplasms.
650 17|aNerf vestibulaire.|2fmesh
650 17|aAtteintes du nerf vestibulocochléaire.|2fmesh
650 27|aTumeurs de la base du crâne.|2fmesh
650 7|aNeoplasias cranianas.|2larpcal
650 7|aDoenças dos nervos cranianos.|2larpcal
650 7|aSistema nervoso.|2larpcal
650 7|aVestibule du labyrinthe osseux|xMaladies.|2ram
650 7|aVestibule du labyrinthe osseux|xChirurgie.|2ram
650 7|aVoies cochléaires|xMaladies.|2ram
650 7|aVoies cochléaires|xChirurgie.|2ram
651 0|aNeurotology.
700 1 |aJackler, Robert K.
700 1 |aBrackmann, Derald E.,|d1937-
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