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Irish writing in the twentieth century : a reader /

edited by David Pierce.

Book Cover
Names: Pierce, David,
Published: Cork, Ireland : Cork University Press, 2000.
Topics: English literature - Irish authors. | English literature - 20th century. | Irish literature - Translations into English. | Literatur | Anthologie. | Aufsatzsammlung | Anthologie | Englisch, ...
Regions: Ireland - Literary collections. | Irland | Englisch. | Ireland. | 4.270.
Genres: Aufsatzsammlung. | Poetry. | Short stories. | Fiction. | Drama. | Autobiographies. | Essays. | Literature. | Autobiographies. | Drama. | Essays. | Fiction. | Literary collections. | Literature. | Poetry. | Short stories. | Translations. | Short stories.
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245 00|aIrish writing in the twentieth century :|ba reader /|cedited by David Pierce.
260 |aCork, Ireland :|bCork University Press,|c2000.
300 |axliv, 1351 pages ;|c25 cm
336 |atext|btxt|2rdacontent
337 |aunmediated|bn|2rdamedia
338 |avolume|bnc|2rdacarrier
386 |aIrish|2lcdgt
388 |aEighteen nineties|2lcsh
388 |aTwentieth century|2lcsh
504 |aIncludes bibliographical references (pages 1329-1340) and index.
505 00|g1890s : shadows, moods and arguments.|tfrom The revival of Irish literature.|t"The necessity of de-Anglicizing Ireland" /|rDouglas Hyde --|tfrom Abhráin grádh chúige Connacht = Love songs of Connacht.|t"Dá d'téinnse siar" = "If I were to go west" /|rDouglas Hyde [translator] --|tfrom The united Irishman.|t"Parnell" /|rLionel Johnson --|tfrom The Irish monthly.|t"The associations of scenery" /|rR.P. Carton --|tfrom From the land of St. Lawrence.|t"The orange lilies" /|rMaurice F. Egan --|tfrom Some experiences of an Irish R.M.|t"Lisheen races, second hand" /|rE. Œ. Somerville, Martin Ross --|tfrom Ideals in Ireland.|t"The battle of two civilizations" /|rDavid Patrick Moran --|tfrom Ideals in Ireland.|t"The literary movement in Ireland" /|rW.B. Yeats --|tfrom Imagination and reveries.|t"Nationality or cosmopolitanism" /|rGeorge Russell --|tfrom Workers' republic.|t"Physical force in Irish politics" /|rJames Connolly --|tfrom Irish Literary Society gazette.|tLecture by Mr. W.B. Yeats /|rAnonymous --|tfrom The ballad of Reading gaol /|rOscar Wilde.
505 00|gIrish writing in the 1900s : critical and documentary.|tfrom All Ireland review.|t"The great enchantment" /|rStandish James O'Grady --|tfrom Ideas of good and evil.|t"The symbolism of poetry" /|rW.B. Yeats --|tfrom Mr. Dooley in the hearts of his countrymen.|t"The Irishman abroad" ;|t"The decline of national feeling" /|rF.P. Dunne --|tfrom Ideas of good and evil.|t"Magic" /|rW.B. Yeats --|tfrom The Irish language movement.|t"The Irish language movement" /|rFrancis Fahy --|tfrom The resurrection of Hungary.|t"The resurrection of Hungary" /|rArthur Griffith --|tfrom The Manchester guardian.|t"From Galway to Gorumna" /|rJ.M. Synge --|tfrom Bards and saints.|t"The de-Davisization of Irish literature" /|rJohn Eglinton --|tfrom Criticism and courage and other essays.|t"Criticism and courage" /|rFrederick Ryan --|tfrom The fortnightly review.|t"The literary movement in Ireland" /|rGeorge A. Birmingham --|tfrom Sin, society and behaviour.|t"Christ before the people" /|rBernard Vaughan.
505 00|gIrish writing in the 1900s : imaginative.|tfrom The green flag.|t"The green flag" /|rArthur Conan Doyle --|tfrom All Ireland review.|t"A farewell to the hills" /|rGeorge Russell --|tfrom Songs of the glens of Antrim.|t"Corrymeela" /|rMoira O'Neill --|tfrom Cuchulain of Muirthemne.|t"The only son of Aoife" /|rLady Gregory --|tCathleen ni Houlihan /|rW.B. Yeats --|tfrom The untilled field.|t"Home sickness" /|rGeorge Moore --|tfrom Such is life : being certain extracts from the diary of Tom Collins /|rJoseph Furphy --|tfrom New songs.|t"A portrait" /|rPadraic Colum --|tfrom The one and the many.|t"The little waves of Breffny" /|rEva Gore-Booth --|tfrom Seven short plays.|tSpreading the news /|rLady Gregory --|tJohn Bull's other island /|rG.B. Shaw --|tfrom The Egyptian pillar.|t"Women's rights" /|rEva Gore-Booth --|tThe playboy of the Western world /|rJ.M. Synge --|tfrom The gilly of Christ.|t"I am the gilly of Christ" /|rJoseph Campbell --|tfrom Ballygullion.|t"The wooden leg" /|rLynn Doyle --|tfrom Verses : sacred and profane.|t"A piper" ;|t"Glasnevin, October 9th, 1904" /|rSeumas O'Sullivan --|tfrom Insurrections.|t"The shell" /|rJames Stephens --|tfrom The mountainy si`nger.|t"I am the mountainy singer" ;|t"Night, and I travelling" /|rJoseph Campbell.
505 00|gIrish writing in the 1910s : critical and documentary.|tfrom Journal of the Ivernian Society.|t"The world-wide empire of the Irish race" /|rReverend P.S. Dinneen --|tfrom English as we speak it in Ireland.|t"Affirming, assenting, and saluting" /|rPatrick Weston Joyce --|tfrom The mearing stones.|t"A ballad singer" ;|t" The human voice" /|rJoseph Campbell --|tfrom The Irish book lover.|t"Yeats, Synge and 'The playboy'" /|rJ.M. Hone --|tfrom Autobiography and life of George Tyrrell, v. 1.|t"1876" /|rGeorge Tyrrell --|tfrom The Freeman's Journal.|t"Irish book lovers" /|rStephen Gwynn --|tfrom The Irish book lover.|t"Irish Literary Society : coming of age celebrations" /|rAnonymous --|tfrom Hail and farewell : vale /|rGeorge Moore --|tfrom Mo sgéal féin = My story.|t"The hunger" /|rPeter O'Leary --|tfrom Charles Stewart Parnell : a memoir.|tMy brother's personality" /|rJohn Howard Parnell --|tfrom Literature in Ireland.|t"The Irish mode" /|rThomas MacDonagh --|tfrom The insurrection in Dublin.|t"Wednesday" /|rJames Stephens --|tfrom The daily news.|t"The Easter week executions" /|rGeorge Bernard Shaw --|tfrom Letters of James Stephens /|rJames Stephens --|tfrom The Irish book lover.|t"Reveries" and "Responsibilities" /|rAnonymous --|tfrom A chronicle of jails /|rDarrell Figgis --|tfrom Imagination and reveries.|t"The new nation" /|rGeorge Russell.
505 00|gIrish writing in the 1910s : imaginative.|tfrom Deoraíocht /|rPádraic Ó Conaire --|tfrom Poems and translations.|t"In Kerry" ;|t"A question" ;|t"Prelude" ;|t"In May" ;|tThe curse" /|rJ.M. Synge --|tfrom Irishry.|t"The weaver's family" /|rJoseph Campbell --|tfrom Four Irish plays.|t"Mixed marriage" /|rSt. John Ervine --|tfrom Lyrical poems.|t"June" /|rFrancis Ledwidge --|tfrom Lyrical poems.|t"June" /|rFrancis Ledwidge --|tfrom Lyrical pieces.|t"The yellow bittern" /|rThomas MacDonagh --|tfrom Responsibilities.|t"September 1913" ;|t"Fallen majesty" ;|t"The cold heaven " /|rW.B. Yeats --|tfrom Suantraide agus goltraide.|t"I am Ireland" /|rPatrick Pearse --|tfrom Children of the dead end.|t"De profundis" /|rPatrick MacGill --|tfrom The poetry review.|t"The assignation" /|rLord Dunsany --|tfrom Songs of the dead end.|t"Padding it" /|rPatrick MacGill --|tfrom Collected works of Pádraic H. Pearse.|t"The wayfarer" /|rPatrick Pearse --|tfrom Michael Robartes and the dancer.|t"Easter 1916" /|rW.B. Yeats --|tfrom Songs of peace.|t"Thomas MacDonagh" /|rFrancis Ledwidge --|tfrom Earth of Cualann.|t"Earth of Cualann" ;|t"The revealer" /|rJoseph Campbell --|tfrom Reincarnations.|t"Righteous anger" ;|t"O Bruadair" /|rJames Stephens --|tfrom The wild swans at Coole.|t"The wild swans at Coole" ;|t"In memory of Major Robert Gregory" ;|t"An Irish airman foresees his death" /|rW.B. Yeats --|tfrom Michael Robartes and the dancer.|t"The second coming" /|rW.B. Yeats --|tfrom The wasted island.|t"Catastrophe" /|rEimar O'Duffy.
505 00|gIrish writing in the 1920s : critical and documentary.|tfrom Prison letters of Countess Markievicz /|rConstance Markievicz --|tfrom The path to freedom.|t"Distinctive culture" /|rMichael Collins --|tfrom Studies.|t"Lessons of revolution" /|rGeorge Russell --|tfrom The hidden Ireland.|t"The aisling" /|rDaniel Corkery --|tfrom Tomorrow.|t"To all artists and writers" /|rFrancis Stuart, Cecil Salkeld --|tfrom The senate speeches of W.B. Yeats.|t"Speech on divorce" /|rW.B. Yeats --|tfrom The Dublin review.|t"The coming of age of the Irish drama" /|rAndrew E. Malone --|tfrom Days of fear /|rFrank Gallagher --|tfrom Ireland : the rock whence I was hewn /|rDonn Byrne --|tfrom An tOileánach.|t"Shrovetide, 1878" /|rTomás Ó Criomhthain.
505 00|gIrish writing in the 1920s : imaginative.|tfrom The Irish Book Lover.|t"The Great Blasket : poets" /|rRobin Flower --|tfrom Adam of Dublin : a romance of today.|t"The Abbey Theatre" /|rConal O'Riordan --|tfrom Around the boree log.|t"St. Patrick's Day" /|rJohn O'Brien --|tfrom The house of success /|rDarrell Figgis --|tfrom The interpreters /|rGeorge Russell --|tfrom The Manchester guardian.|t"The snipe" /|rCon O'Leary --|tfrom The dial.|t"Meditations in time of civil war" /|rW.B. Yeats --|tfrom Earth-bound : nine stories of Ireland.|t"The portrait of Roisin Dhu" /|rDorothy MacArdle --|tfrom Tomorrow.|t"Leda and the swan" /|rW.B. Yeats --|tfrom All the sad young men.|t"Absolution" /|rF. Scott Fitzgerald --|tfrom Apostate /|rForrest Reid --|tfrom The tent and other stories.|t"The tent" /|rLiam O'Flaherty --|tfrom The dial.|t"Among school children" /|rW.B. Yeats --|tfrom The dark breed.|t"The dark breed" /|rF.R. Higgins --|tfrom The tower.|t"Sailing to Byzantium" /|rW.B. Yeats --|tfrom The Dublin review.|t"Seventh gift of the holy ghost" /|rThomas MacGreevy.
505 00|gIrish writing in the 1930s : critical and documentary.|tfrom The Saturday review of literature.|t"A letter from Dublin" /|rMary Manning --|t"An essay on the character in Irish literature" /|rGeorge Russell --|tfrom The letters of F. Scott Fitzgerald /|rF. Scott Fitzgerald --|tfrom The bookman.|t"Recent Irish poetry" /|rAndrew Belis [Samuel Beckett] --|tfrom The autobiography of a Liverpool Irish slummy /|rPat O'Mara --|tfrom Current history.|t"Joyce and the new Irish writers" /|rErnest Boyd --|tfrom The seals /|rMonk Gibbon --|tfrom The Saturday review of literature.|t"Boston Irish" /|rGeorge C. Homans --|tfrom Ireland today.|t"What I saw in Spain" /|rPeadar O'Donnell --|tfrom Farewell Spain.|t"Adios, turismo" /|rKate O'Brien --|tfrom Scrutiny.|t" A letter from Ireland" /|rGrattan Freyer --|tfrom The rocky road to Dublin.|t"So they said and felt and saw" /|rSeamas MacManus --|tfrom Blue angels and whales.|t"Leaves from my note-book" /|rRobert Gibbings --|tfrom I knock at the door.|t"Life is more than meat" /|rSean O'Casey --|tfrom Machtnamh seana-mhná.|t"A milk house in Little Island : Nance Daly and Nora Keaveney" /|rPeig Sayers.
505 00|gIrish writing in the 1930s : imaginative.|tfrom Guests of the nation.|t"Guests of the nation" /|rFrank O'Connor --|tfrom The garden /|rL.A.G. Strong --|tfrom The listener.|t"Ireland" /|rJohn Hewitt --|tfrom The bright temptation /|rAustin Clarke --|tfrom The winding stair and other poems.|t"Coole Park and Ballylee, 1931" ;|t"Byzantium" ;|t"Remorse for intemperate speech" ;|t"Crazy Jane talks with the bishop" /|rW.B. Yeats --|tfrom Hello eternity!|t"Invitation" ;|t"Here" ;|t"Encyclopaedia" /|rBlanaid Salkeld --|tfrom The yellow briar.|t"Jimmie's speeding" /|rPatrick Slater --|tfrom BUtterfield 8 /|rJohn O'Hara --|tfrom The young manhood of Studs Lonigan /|rJames T. Farrell --|tfrom Echo's bones.|t"Echo's bones /|rSamuel Beckett --|tfrom The fox's covert.|t"The fox's covert" /|rBlanaid Salkeld --|tfrom Three plays.|t"The king of Spain's daughter" /|rTeresa Deevy --|tfrom Ward eight /|rJoseph F. Dinneen --|tfrom All that swagger /|rMiles Franklin --|tfrom Ploughman and other poems.|t"Inniskeen road : July evening" /|rPatrick Kavanagh --|tfrom Ireland today.|t"Game cock" /|rMichael McLaverty --|tfrom The collected poems of Louis MacNeice.|t"Carrickfergus" /|rLouis MacNeice --|tfrom Ireland today.|t"Poem" ;|t"The tolerance of crows" /|rCharles Donnelly --|tfrom Lifer /|rJim Phelan --|tfrom Pray for the wanderer /|rKate O'Brien --|tfrom New poems.|t"Lapis lazuli" /|rW.B. Yeats --|tfrom Night and morning.|t"The straying student" ;|t"Summer lightning" /|rAustin Clarke --|tfrom Autumn journal.|t"Section XVI" /|rLouis MacNeice --|tfrom At swim-two-birds /|rFlann O'Brien --|tfrom Last poems and plays.|t"Under Ben Bulben" ;|t"The statues" ;|t"News for the Delphic oracle" ;|t"The circus animals' desertion" ;|t"Politics" /|rW.B. Yeats --|tfrom Horizon.|t"Cushendun" /|rLouis MacNeice.
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505 00|gIrish writing in the 1940s : imaginative.|tfrom Letter from Ireland.|t"Thinking of Artolas" ;|t"Letter from Ireland" /|rEwart Milne --|tfrom The great hunger.|t"Section VII" /|rPatrick Kavanagh --|tfrom The bell.|t"Yung Mari Li" /|rBryan MacMahon --|tfrom A tree grows in Brooklyn /|rBetty Smith --|tfrom Lagan.|t"Once alien here" /|rJohn Hewitt --|tfrom Rime, gentlemen, please.|t"For whom 'the bell' tolls" /|rRobert Farren --|tfrom The listener.|t"Poem" /|rValentin Iremonger --|tfrom The Penguin new writing, no. 20.|t"Mysterious Kôr" /|rElizabeth Bowen --|tfrom Lough Derg and other poems.|t"Lough Derg" /|rDenis Devlin --|tfrom The blossoming thorn.|t"Immigrant exile I, II, III" ;|t"Rhyme of two worlds" /|rJohn Coulter --|tfrom Prince of darkness and other stories.|t"Prince of darkness" /|rJ.F. Powers --|tfrom An braon broghach = The road to brightcity.|t"The year 1912" /|rMáirtín Ó Cadhain.
505 00|gIrish writing in the 1950s : critical and documentary.|tfrom Envoy.|t"Our Irish publishers" /|rJohn Ryan --|tfrom Envoy.|t"Diary" /|rPatrick Kavanagh --|tfrom Rolling down the lea.|t"The destruction still goes on" /|rOliver St. John Gogarty --|tfrom Turf beneath my feet.|t"Connemara : turf and a camera" /|rGarry Hogg --|tfrom The last of the Irish R.M.s.|t"The First World War" /|rSir Christopher Lynch-Robinson --|tfrom Envoy.|t"A bash in the tunnel" /|rBrian O'Nolan --|tfrom Sweet Cork of thee /|rRobert Gibbings --|tfrom The listener.|t"The background to 'Dubliners'" /|rStanislaus Joyce --|tfrom The bell.|t"Portrait of a minority" /|rHubert Butler --|tfrom The Dublin magazine.|t"Waiting for Godot" /|rA.J. Leventhal --|tfrom The London magazine.|t"Coming to London--IV" /|rElizabeth Bowen --|tfrom The listener.|t"Meet, drink, and be airy" /|rW.R. Rodgers --|tfrom A fretful midge /|rTerence De Vere White --|tfrom Irish journal.|t"In a manner of speaking" /|rHeinrich Böll --|tfrom Irish folk ways.|t"Hearth and home" /|rE. Estyn Evans --|tfrom Borstal boy /|rBrendan Behan --|tfrom The listener.|t"Writing a story : one man's way /|rFrank O'Connor.
505 00|gIrish writing in the 1950s : imaginative.|tfrom Home is the stranger /|rEdward A. McCourt --|tfrom December bride /|rSam Hanna Bell --|tfrom Envoy.|t"Who killed James Joyce" /|rPatrick Kavanagh --|tfrom The Dublin magazine.|t"Yeats's tower at Ballylee" /|rPadraic Fallon --|tfrom Europa and the bull.|t"The net" /|rW.R. Rodgers --|tfrom Eireaball spideoige.|t"Siollabadh" = "Syllabling" /|rSeán Ó Ríordáin --|tfrom Irish writing.|t"My Oedipus complex" /|rFrank O'Connor --|tfrom Molloy /|rSamuel Beckett --|tFrom the quare fellow /|rBrendan Behan --|tfrom The last hurrah /|rEdwin O'Connor --|tfrom Long day's journey into night /|rEugene O'Neill --|tfrom Malone dies /|rSamuel Beckett --|tfrom The Sewanee review.|t"The tomb of Michael Collins" /|rDenis Devlin --|tfrom The finest stories of Sean O'Faolain.|t"Lovers of the lake" /|rSean O'Faolain --|tfrom The body's imperfection.|t"Residue" ;|t"Ripple" ;|t"The harbour" /|rL.A.G. Strong --|tEndgame /|rSamuel Beckett --|tfrom A touch of the poet, act one /|rEugene O'Neill --|tfrom New statesman and nation.|t"An Irishman in Coventry" /|rJohn Hewitt.
505 00|gIrish writing in the 1960s : critical and documentary.|tfrom Studies.|t"Fifty years of Irish writing" /|rSean O'Faolain --|tfrom West Briton.|t"Our set" /|rBrian Inglis --|tfrom The lonely voice : a study of the short story /|rFrank O'Connor --|tfrom My Ireland.|t"Dublin" /|rKate O'Brien --|tfrom The spectator.|t"The rough field" /|rJohn Montague --|tfrom In excited reverie.|t"Passion and cunning" /|rConor Cruise O'Brien --|tfrom The Dublin magazine.|t"Editorial" /|rRivers Carew, Timothy Brownlow --|tfrom Ulster folklife.|t"A long night in the spike" /|rMichael J. Murphy --|tfrom The spectator.|t"The reticence of 'Ulysses'" /|rAnthony Burgess --|tfrom Hibernia.|t"The severed hand" /|rRoy McFadden --|tfrom Hibernia.|t"Strife and the Ulster poet" /|rMichael Longley --|tfrom Hibernia.|t"John Hume's Derry" /|rSeamus Heaney.
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505 00|gIrish writing in the 1970s : critical and documentary.|tfrom Irish poets in English.|t"The divided mind" /|rThomas Kinsella --|tfrom Hibernia.|t"A censored decade" /|rJohn Jordan --|tfrom The Cecil King diary 1970-74 /|rCecil King --|tfrom 'On our knees' : Ireland 1972.|t"Cry Irish" /|rRosita Sweetman --|tfrom Inishkillane.|t"Family life" /|rHugh Brody --|tfrom I am of Ireland /|rRichard Howard Brown --|tfrom The unexpurgated code.|t"Upon being told the fatal news--" ;|t"Dying" /|rJ.P. Donleavy --|tfrom Sunday miscellany.|t"In Iowa : a beauty queen and a blind man" /|rBenedict Kiely --|tfrom Hibernia.|t"Broken images" /|rJack Holland --|tfrom The Irish times.|t"The soft centre of Irish writing" /|rFrancis Stuart --|tfrom Southern review.|t"Being Irish together" /|rDenis Donoghue --|tfrom The crane bag.|t"Unhappy and at home : interview with Seamus Heaney /|rSeamus Deane --|tfrom The tablet.|t"Britain's Irish workers" /|rDonall MaCamhlaigh --|tfrom A place apart /|rDervla Murphy.
505 00|gIrish writing in the 1970s : imaginative.|tfrom Down all the days /|rChristy Brown --|tfrom Troubles /|rJ.G. Farrell --|tfrom Atlantis.|t"Early recollections" /|rEiléan Ní Chuilleanáin --|tfrom Black list, section h /|rFrancis Stuart --|tfrom The rough field.|t"A lost tradition" /|rJohn Montague --|tfrom The ballroom of romance and other stories.|t"The ballroom of romance" /|rWilliam Trevor --|tfrom A memory and other stories.|t"A memory" /|rMary Lavin --|tfrom The wood-burners.|t"The Irish" ;|t"The wood-burners" ;|t"By nature diffident" /|rPatrick Galvin --|tfrom West strand visions.|t"Claudy" /|rJames Simmons --|tfrom North.|t"Punishment" ;|t"A constable calls" ;|t"Exposure" /|rSeamus Heaney --|tfrom The lady and the travelling salesman.|t"Visiting the future" /|rLeo Simpson --|tfrom Great granny Webster /|rCaroline Blackwood --|tfrom Shadows on our skin /|rJennifer Johnston --|tfrom A cow in the house.|t"The night we rode with Sarsfield" /|rBenedict Kiely --|tfrom Under stars.|t"The ballad of Ballymote" /|rTess Gallagher --|tfrom Later.|t"Theresa's friends" /|rRobert Creeley --|tfrom Stand.|t"For poets writing in English over in Ireland" /|rIain Crichton Smith --|tfrom The year of the French.|t"Ballinamuck, September 10" /|rThomas Flanagan --|tfrom Field work.|t"Casualty" ;|t"The skunk" /|rSeamus Heaney --|tfrom The pattern.|t"The gaeltacht" /|rVincent Buckley --|tfrom The Mangan inheritance /|rBrian Moore.
505 00|gIrish writing in the 1980s : critical and documentary.|tfrom The new statesman.|t"Ireland blasts back" /|rMary Holland --|tfrom Tales from two cities : travels of another sort /|rDervla Murphy --|tfrom The observer.|t"A tribute to Beckett on his eightieth birthday" /|rDerek Mahon --|tfrom The Irish times.|t"Poetry in Ireland from its roots" /|rPeter Sirr --|tfrom Memory Ireland.|t"Introduction" /|rVincent Buckley --|tfrom The edge of the city.|t"Interview with Van Morrison" /|rDesmond Hogan --|tfrom Saintly Billy.|t"The Irish and the English" /|rBill Naughton --|tfrom Nationalism, colonialism and literature.|t"Yeats and decolonization" /|rEdward Said --|tfrom Across the frontiers.|t"Bono : the white nigger" /|rPaul Hewson --|tfrom Race and class.|t"Mothers, whores and villains" /|rBill Rolston --|tfrom Riding the yellow trolley car.|t"Tap dancing into reality" /|rWilliam Kennedy --|tfrom Object lessons.|t"Outside history" /|rEavan Boland --|tfrom Harp /|rJohn Gregory Dunne --|tfrom Helsinger station and other departures.|t"1927 : earliest misgivings, the march of the cadavers" /|rAidan Higgins.
505 00|gIrish writing in the 1980s : imaginative.|tfrom Why Brownlee left.|t"Ireland" /|rPaul Muldoon --|tfrom A Belfast woman.|t"A Belfast woman" /|rMary Beckett --|tfrom High ground.|t"Gold watch" /|rJohn McGahern --|tfrom Aquarius.|t"Unique" /|rDesmond Egan --|tfrom Translations /|rBrian Friel --|tfrom Good behaviour /|rMolly Keane --|tfrom Kepler /|rJohn Banville --|tfrom The flower master.|t"The flower master" /|rMedbh McGuckian --|tfrom Quoof.|t"Quoof" /|rPaul Muldoon --|tfrom Jumping the tracks with Angela.|t"Trinity College Dublin, 1983" /|rPaul Durcan --|tfrom The selected Roy McFadden.|t"Conveyancer" /|rRoy McFadden --|tfrom Edible anecdotes.|t"A tourist comments on the land of his forefathers" /|rJulie O'Callaghan --|tfrom Cromwell.|t"Magic" ;|t"Wine" ;|t"A bit of a swap" ;|t"Therefore I smile" ;|t"A running battle" /|rBrendan Kennelly --|tfrom Ironweed /|rWilliam Kennedy --|tfrom Cal /|rBernard MacLaverty --|tfrom Station Island /|rSeamus Heaney --|tfrom Willingly.|t"Each bird walking" /|rTess Gallagher --|tfrom The Berlin Wall café.|t"Bewley's Oriental Café, Westmoreland Street" /|rPaul Durcan --|tfrom A sense of wonder.|t"A sense of wonder" /|rVan Morrison --|tfrom The streets of Ancoats /|rMalcolm Lynch --|tfrom Under the influence.|t"My land is too green" /|rEric A. Visser, Antoinette Hensey --|tConversations on a homecoming /|rTom Murphy --|tfrom the Republic of conscience.|t"From the republic of conscience" /|rSeamus Heaney --|tfrom Missa terribilis.|t"The British connection" ;|t"Enemy encounter" ;|t"Crucifixus" ;|tTears/a lacrimosa" /|rPadraic Fiacc --|tfrom Letters to the hinterland.|t"Survivor" ;|t"The Astoria" /|rRoy McFadden --|tfrom The Irish times.|t"Echo's bones" /|rDesmond Egan --|tfrom Three plays for Ireland.|t"Pentecost" /|rStewart Parker --|tfrom The Irish for no.|t"Belfast confetti" /|rCiaran Carson --|tfrom The journey.|t"Mise Eire" ;|t"The emigrant Irish" ;|t"Tirade for the lyric muse" /|rEavan Boland --|tfrom An bás i dTír na nÓg.|t"Abair do Phaidir = "Say a prayer" /|rSeán Ó Tuama --|tfrom The pogues, if I should fall from grace.|t"Thousands are sailing" /|rPhilip Chevron --|tfrom The other side /|rMary Gordon --|tfrom Ripley Bogle /|rRobert McLiam Wilson.
505 00|gIrish writing in the 1990s : critical and docuentary.|tfrom Cathleen to anorexia : the breakdown of Irelands /|rEdna Longley --|tfrom Song for a poor boy : a Cork childhood /|rPatrick Galvin --|tfrom Proved innocent .|t"Wandsworth" /|rGerry Conlon --|tfrom The Irish review.|t"Anecdotes over a jar" /|rGerald Dawe --|tfrom Krino.|t"Twentieth century poetry in Irish" /|rSeán Ó Tuama --|tfrom Now and in time to be /|rThomas Keneally --|tfrom Journey into joy.|t"Irish poetry since Yeats" /|rBrendan Kennelly --|tfrom Irish studies review.|t"Rejoinder" /|rColin Graham --|tfrom The honest Ulsterman.|t" The Belfast group" /|rPhilip Hobsbaum --|tfrom Donkey's years.|t"The great flood" /|rAidan Higgins --|tfrom Stones of Aran : labyrinth.|t"Among the thorns" /|rTim Robinson --|tfrom Critical survey.|t"Declining identities (lit. and fig.)" /|rAilbhe Smyth --|tfrom Éire-Ireland.|t"Exile, attitude, and the Sin-É-Café /|rEamonn Wall --|tfrom London review of books.|t"Playboys of the GPO" /|rColm Tóibín --|tfrom Poetry Ireland review.|t"Disappearing language" /|rLouis De Paor --|tfrom Granta.|t"Brand leader" /|rFintan O'Toole --|tfrom The star factory.|t"Brickle bridge" /|rCiaran Carson --|tfrom Crazy John and the bishop.|t"Revisionism revisited" /|rTerry Eagleton --|tfrom All souls : a family story from Southie /|rMichael Patrick MacDonald --|tfrom Lost lives /|rDavid McKittrick et al.
505 00|gIrish writing in the 1990s : imaginative.|tfrom Pharaoh's daughter.|t"An bhean mhídhílis" = "The unfaithful wife" ;|t"Ceist na teangan" = "The language issue" /|rNuala Ní Dhomhnaill --|tfrom Outside history.|t"The Achill woman" /|rEavan Boland --|tfrom Those sailing ships of his boyhood dreams.|t"A well travelled woman" /|rMoy McCrory --|tfrom Explaining magnetism.|t"Second generation" /|rMaura Dooley --|tfrom Gorse fires.|t"Detour" ;|t"The butchers" /|rMichael Longley --|tfrom Last poems.|tfrom "Hunger strike" /|rVincent Buckley --|tfrom high time for all the marys.|t"high time for all the marys" /|rMáire Bradshaw --|tfrom The Bradford count.|t"From the Irish" /|rIan Duhig --|tfrom The Astrakhan cloak.|t"Caitlín" = "Cathleen" /|rNuala Ní Dhomhnaill --|tfrom The butcher boy /|rPatrick McCabe --|tfrom Grub.|t"In the parlour" ;|t"Gate 49" ;|t"Madonna and child" /|rMartin Mooney --|tfrom A staircase for all souls.|t"At Spanish banks" /|rGeorge McWhirter --|tfrom At the grave of Silone.|t"Where we live" /|rHarry Clifton --|tfrom Homecoming/an bealach 'na bhaile.|t"Cor úr" = "A fresh dimension" /|rCathal Ó Searcaigh --|tfrom Resurrection man /|rEoin McNamee --|tfrom The mai /|rMarina Carr --|tfrom The prince of the quotidian.|t"After two days grading papers from the seminar I taught" /|rPaul Muldoon --|tfrom Walking a line.|t"51 Sans Souci Park" ;|t"A Belfast bildungsroman" /|rTom Paulin --|tfrom The steward of Christendom /|rSebastian Barry --|tfrom The ghost orchid.|t"Sheela-na-gig" ;|t"Ceasefire" /|rMichael Longley --|tfrom American wake.|t"The fifth province" ;|t"On the renovation of Ellis Island" /|rGreg Delanty --|tfrom The woman who walked into doors /|rRoddy Doyle --|tfrom The Hudson letter.|t"Global village" /|rDerek Mahon --|tfrom The bend for home /|rDermot Healy --|tfrom Higher purchase.|t"Remapping the borders" /|rRita Ann Higgins --|tfrom Reading in the dark.|t"Mother" /|rSeamus Deane --|tfrom Eureka Street /|rRobert McLiam Wilson --|tfrom Opera et cetera.|t"Letters from the alphabet/o" ;|t"Jacta est alia" ;|t"Tango" /|rCiaran Carson --|tfrom Another nation.|t"Cuchulainn" /|rMichael O'Loughlin --|tfrom I could read the sky /|rTimothy O'Grady, Steven Pyke --|tfrom The knife in the wave.|t"The lightcatchers" /|rMary O'Malley --|tThe lonesome west /|rMartin McDonagh --|tfrom The hellbox.|t"The printer's devil" /|rGreg Delanty --|tfrom Greetings to our friends in Brazil.|t"The Mary Robinson years" /|rPaul Durcan.
520 1 |a"Extending to over 1300 pages Irish Writing in the Twentieth Century: A Reader offers a comprehensive and pleasurable introduction to modern Irish literature in a single volume. The Reader contains over 400 pieces including letters, diaries, newspaper and journal articles, songs, poems, critical essays, literary profiles, entire plays and short stories as well as extracts from novels and other longer works. Texts which until now have been out of print or difficult to locate are made easily accessible once more."
520 8 |a"Arranged chronologically by decade, from the 1890s to the 1990s, each decade is divided into two different types of writing: critical/documentary and imaginative writing, and is accompanied by a headnote which situates it thematically and chronologically. The Reader is also structured for thematic study by listing all the pieces included under a series of topic headings. The wide range of material encompasses writings of well-known figures in the Irish canon and neglected writers alike. This will appeal to the general reader, but also makes Irish Writing in the Twentieth Century ideal as a core text, providing a unique focus for detailed study in a single volume."--Jacket.
530 |aAlso issued online.
600 07|aAnthologie|2gnd
600 17|aEnglisch, ...|2gnd
648 7|aGeschichte 1890-1999.|2swd
648 7|a1900-1999|2fast
650 0|aEnglish literature|xIrish authors.
650 0|aEnglish literature|y20th century.
650 0|aIrish literature|vTranslations into English.
650 7|aLiteratur|2gnd
650 07|aAnthologie.|2swd
650 7|aAufsatzsammlung|2gnd
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650 7|aEnglish literature|xIrish authors.|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst00912074
650 7|aIrish literature.|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst00979030
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651 7|aIrland|2gnd
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651 7|a4.270.|2gtt
655 4|aAufsatzsammlung.
655 7|aPoetry.|2lcgft
655 7|aShort stories.|2lcgft
655 7|aFiction.|2lcgft
655 7|aDrama.|2lcgft
655 7|aAutobiographies.|2lcgft
655 7|aEssays.|2lcgft
655 7|aLiterature.|2lcgft
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655 7|aShort stories.|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst01726740
655 7|aTranslations.|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst01423791
655 7|aShort stories.|2gsafd
700 1 |aPierce, David,|d1947-|eeditor.
776 08|iOnline version:|tIrish writing in the twentieth century.|dCork, Ireland : Cork University Press, 2000|w(OCoLC)606553645
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